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Friday, February 16, 2018

Overcoming Challenges To Turn "I Will" Into "I AM!"

I have never done a program like this before. I am pushing myself to trying new, hard and awkward things that a year ago I would have said was too hard, or way above my level and just half assed or not even attempted in the first place.

Honestly there has only been one other time that I was able to push past those mental blocks of "you can't do this". When I was training for my half marathon while pregnant. I had made a goal with myself before I got pregnant that I was going to run that race no matter what, pregnant or not. And I did! And I will never ever forget the feeling of crossing that finish line with my best friend hand in hand.

This past summer, I promised myself that I was going to go all in with this program when it came out. And I am. I have been doing the toughest workouts I have ever done, pushed past the mental barrier of "I CAN'T DO IT" and being able to say, YES, I AM ALREADY DOING IT!

It is so empowering overcoming challenges.

But it doesn't happen unless you try. Don't be afraid of trying new, hard things. You can adapt. You are so much stronger than you think you are. The thing that often times holds us back the most, is our own mind. But once you push past that, you can do anything!

Here's to another day of loving myself, and not only surviving another workout, but finishing stronger in the end both mentally and physically!

//WHEN IT’S HARD, YOU JUST HAVE TO KEEP MOVING!// Day 27/80: DONE! I knew from other people’s comments that this workout was going to be challenging. And my mindset going in was just, do the move and don’t stop till she says to. I went at my own pace. Tried to keep up as best as I could. I even surprised myself a few times with being able to do the moves that initially looked hard. I have never done a workout program like this. I have never pushed myself as much as I am. I have never pushed past that mental barrier of “just so it’ll as easily as I have been able to with this workout. Because I know it’s tough I’m not letting that stop me or get in my way! You are so much stronger than you believe and when you push past that mental wall that tries to stop you, you will realize how strong you truly are. Don’t give up and keep going. Your goal, your results are worth it to fight for every single day! . . . #motivation #inspiration #fitness #workout #80dayobsession #imobsessed #strongereveryday #plussize #plussizejourney #plussizefitness #plussizefitnessjourney #bbg #fitginger #mom #mombod #momof3 #goaldigger #worthit #autumncalabrese @autumncalabrese
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