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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Learn To Be Obsessed Challenge - Phase 2 Results

Phase 2 has been completed! This time around I did Shift Shop. It's cardio and strength training. Each week is ramped up in intensity and length and honestly, the longer the workouts the more I loved it!

Official Results: 
Lost 4 pounds in 21 Days- 2 pounds total from day 1
Lost 7.25 inches total from day 1

I haven't been 100% on my nutrition plan, because I honestly believe in balance because momma needs a burger every now and then to stay sane. But the more I exercise and take care of me and drink my daily shake the more other foods (sweets and treats) don't taste very good to me.

THESE RESULTS ARE OVER HALLOWEEN BY THE WAY! The first Halloween ever that I didn't eat tons of candy. I only had my 1 Snickers Pumpkins that my hubs bought for me and I saved for a week to enjoy on Halloween. But it didn't taste as satisfying as it had in the past.

I am getting so much stronger. I am now modifying less, but still modify plank type movements for my core. I'm listening to my body and doing what I can but still pushing myself.
These next 21 days are going to be crucial. I am breaking past a plateau. That means staying consistent and on my game, especially over Thanksgiving. Phase 3 started on Monday, but if you are seeing these before and after pictures and are ready to join me EMAIL ME or MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK and let's chat!

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