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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Recommended Healthy Way To Eat For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week! I want you to enjoy your meal and that includes enjoying your dessert. But as you make your selections, and portion sizes remember, that you are making the choice for a healthy lifestyle, and not a quick fix. That means, still being as healthy as possible even on the holidays. "how can I be healthy with all this food around me?" Remember, fill your plate with greens and veggies. Remember, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn don't count as veggies. Your body processes them as a starchy carb. So don't have tons of those. Smaller dollop of them. Don't have too many rolls. They are straight up carbs.

Keep this image in your head, half your plate of greens and veggies and fruit. 1/4 of your plate turkey, 1/4 plate carbs. and have a small slice of pie and enjoy it! You are worth your goals. You are worth this lifestyle! And you will feel so satisfied by the end of your meal, because your body is getting exactly what it needs and not overstuffed, or full.

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