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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Starting a new workout program / nutrition plan / lifestyle change is HARD. But staying on track is even harder! Being aware of the common pitfalls that happen while on your new change is what is going to help you STOP giving up and stay on track! Take it from this ginger, who was in constant yo-yo mode up until a few years ago. These are what I learned!

Diets don't work. At all. They are meant to be temporary but what often happens is that weight is lost so quickly, then old habits eating starts right at the end of the diet, or binge attack or whatever causes the diet to finish. Diets often are reduced calories or cutting out whole food groups. Our bodies need protein, carbs, fruit, veggies, healthy fats to function. If it leaves you hungry, or craving foods, it isn't the right kind of diet!

Day 3 and week 3 of your lifestyle change are the HARDEST! 
If you can get past day 3 then you are going to rock your results for the first couple of weeks. Then hits week 3. You start to get bored of the same "healthy foods". You start to think that cheating now won't hurt you. Excuses start to come it. But if you can make it past week 3 you have developed a habit. It will start to feel funny if you don't exercise. Your body won't feel right if you feed too many sweets. But you have to stand firm. Follow your nutrition, follow your workout program.
Trust your program
Too many times a program is started, it's hard, or results aren't seen fast enough and then "the program sucks! It doesn't work!" Couple of things. Was the nutrition plan followed that came with the workout program? Was every workout done as they said, or some missed, or were the moves done with little effort. Follow the program materials for the program itself. The nutrition plan goes along with that specific program. The workouts are designed and arranged in such a way to help you reach your goals. You just have to follow it very closely to get the amazing results you want.  I use unlimited online streaming for my workouts and the service also includes the program workout calendar and the complete nutrition guide (for every program on there, over 34 full programs!) No more guess work. And tons of healthy foods to keep me on track!

Don't Give Up Too Soon
This goes along with the previous tip but don't give up too soon. Some programs are 12 weeks long. And results won't be seen until closer to that point. It actually can take some time for your body to burn enough fat to start toning up and making muscle grow and be visible. Give the program you time and it will give you the results.

Daily Positive Affirmations or Mantras
Use a daily positive affirmation or mantra to keep you on track. By having a phrase or saying in your head all day, it will help you keep focused with the eye on the prize. Here are a couple of my favorite:
"You are tougher than you think"
"When you feel like stopping, do one more"
"Best revenge on anyone is looking amazing!"
"If you want it bad enough, you have to be willing to fight for it."
"Nothing worth having comes easily"
"If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."

Love Yourself Through The Journey
There are times where you are going to be so pissed at your body. For gaining weight. For not being able to do that back bend (just kidding) But all joking aside. I get so frustrated when my size hinders me from actaully performing an exercise as easily as it should. I know I could do a move, but my size literally stops me from doing it. Just folding over in yoga, I can't go as deep into the stretch as I want because my belly fat actually stops me. In Shift Shop, I literally couldn't kick my butt because my legs are too think for my foot to make physical contact with when kicking backwards. It is so easy to get down on yourself. To think bad thoughts. And wish it was so much easier. IT WILL BE! you stick with your program and it will get easier. You keep doing it. And freaking love yourself hard through it. After my workout today I thanked my body for how strong my legs are. For supporting my body every step of the way, for training and completing a half marathon. For having 3 babies. Our bodies are amazing. It is just going to take time for me to get my body exactly how I imagine it. Strong, defined.
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