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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Full Harvest Moon And Labor

Well, tomorrow is the full moon of the month and to top it off, it is the harvest moon. In my Healthy and Fit Mama's group I have been watching to see if the full moon actually did anything to help to naturally induce labor. You know, those old wives tales. Dancing naked under a full moon will make you go into labor. But is it really true?

I asked my doc. Not really. He said, that the moon doesn't really determine labor starting but what he has noticed is a drop in the barometric pressure usually does. And coincidentally, that is what is going on right now in my area. We have a huge drop in temps this weekend right when the full moon is at its peak. So for those of you willing try try out an old wives tale, Friday is the time to dance naked under the full moon and hope that your water breaks and you go into labor! As one girl put it in another group I am in, fingers crossed and legs open!

The best bet to help your baby come out on time, is to be patient and stay relaxed. The last thing you want to do is to get anxious and bouncing on your feet watching a clock wondering when it will happen. That is like waiting to watch water boil. IT TAKES FOREVER and can get frustrating! When your baby is ready and your body is ready it will happen.
Frog Position- can lean against your bed or couch too.

Nipple stimulation
Sitting in deep squats (frog position)
Talking to your body and baby (meditation)
Bouncing on a birthing ball
Pelvic rolls/tilts
Baths to help relax
Cat/cow movements or resting on your hands and knees for a time
Nesting is a great way too. Clean around your house. Get it ready so that you don't have to worry about it after baby comes. Scrubbing your floor is a great position because you are on your hands and knees and it helps your pelvis open up more allowing the baby to sit in your pelvis more.

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