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Friday, September 16, 2016

3rd Trimester: 5 Must Have Items

Since I am at the end of my 3rd trimester I thought it would be fun to let you know my 5 favorite must have items. I have used these almost every single day! Check them out below and let me know in the comments what your fave items are in this last trimester!


I do not feel amazing every single day, but when I have my water bottle with me, my WONDER WOMAN WATER BOTTLE, I feel like I can take on anything. It just gives me a little boost to my day, and reminds me to DRINK MY WATER so that I don't go into early labor! Find a water bottle that you really like, one that is easy to carry or slip into your purse. And fill that sucker up throughout the day!


I talk about it every week in my weekly bump updates but this stuff really is working. HONEST COMPANY ORGANIC BELLY BALM. I try to use it twice a day to help keep my stretch marks at bay. I already have a ton of them from before I ever got pregnant and this being my third full term pregnancy, I haven't earned any more, or stretched out any of my old ones.


Face it, not much will be fitting you by the end of your pregnancy. Even my yoga pants are being super stretched. Make sure you really do invest in some nice comfy lounging pants. I have some old ones from Old Navy, maternity goucho pants, but they don't have them on their site right now, so here are my second favorite pats that I wear around the house. SOMA COOL NIGHTS SLEEP PANTS. These pants are actually amazing. And I have many different pairs of them. They keep you cool while you sleep, which is a must for us pregnant mommas when our core temp feels like we are as hot as the sun.


Baths are my groove right now. I took 4 baths last week. (not looking forward to my water bill for this month!) But I need these baths. Not only to they help my aching back and hips, but it is my escape from the chaos of the world. I either watch a tv show and just turn off my brain or I do my hypno-birthing exercises to help me prep for labor. I really have enjoyed DR. TEAL'S EPSOM SALT WITH LAVENDER because it already has the lavender in it so I don't have to add any essential oils to my bath. I will say that it is really, really strong at first for my pregnant nose but once it dissolves in the bath the smell much easier to tolerate.


COUNTRY HEAT! I can not say enough amazing things about it but man, I am so loving this workout. Not only is it helping with my cardio stamina, but it is burning the crap out of my legs! Every single time my legs are on fire. Granted I am not doing the workout every single day, I am aiming for 3 days a week right now alternating with yoga to help me stretch more but every single time I do it, my legs are like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? And it isn't where my legs normally hurt it is the saddlebag area and hip flexers. Which I normally don't do a lot of exercise with. It is a good change up for me and the workouts have been so much fun. Elyse even likes them. She wiggles her butt back and forth now which is really cute and funny and freaky all at the same time! She has got better moves than me it seems. The main thing in the 3rd trimester is to stay active. Keep moving. Because when you stop, you stop. Everyone I talk to can't believe that I am still working out at 39 weeks pregnant (me along with them sometimes!). They all tell me that they couldn't do it this far pregnant. But with doctor approval you can. You really can. You just have to choose and want to. That is the difference. I am still doing small bouncing movements and shaking my booty back and forth and working my core without doing sit ups. It can be done, just find something that you enjoy doing and hey, dancing is SUPER FUN!

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