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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bump Update: 38 Weeks

Here we are two weeks out to my due date exactly! CRAZY that we are finally here. And really if she is ready to come she can come, however, my mom won't be too pleased about it if Elyse arrives before she does. So technically, Elyse needs to wait less than 2 weeks to arrive. I did have had a few nights in this past week where I have had some regular contraction patterns. Kind of freaked me out, and freaked people out when we were out and about on our date night and I had to stop every 25 meters or so to get through them. Elyse is definitely locked and loaded. Now it is just the waiting game as to when she will officially arrive! I did have a talk with her the other night telling her that her Gummy won't be happy if she arrives before Gummy does. And Elyse went back a little higher in my belly. I just need to keep reminding Elyse that Gummy isn't here yet. Matt now thinks that my water is going to break the instant that Gummy arrives at our house! 
I got a lot of cleaning done this past weekend and Matt really likes "Nesting Becky!" Our house is very clean and organized excpet for the kitchen. That is now Matt's chore to help out with. But that is always a constant mess. I feel like I have a lot to squeeze in during this next week. I'm trying to fit in time with friends, and fun times alone with each boy so they know how much I love them. And next week I am getting my hair done for the last time before Elyse arrives (hopefully!) Plus hair cuts for each boy. And I am still teaching my private music lessons as of right now. I'm down to the wire but still running strong! 
Total Weight Gain: Gained 25.7 pounds total. Weight as of this morning 263.4 pounds. I am still dealing with the bloat from our Anniversary and weekend foods! 

Symptoms: Smaller appetite, eating smaller meals throughout the day. Having to "go" a lot since she is head down. Hard time sleeping. Waddling and lower back soreness like nothing else! Man at the end of the day my back is just killing me! CRAVING MILK!
Baby’s Size: Swiss Chard (~19-22 inches, 6.5-7 pounds)

Labor Progress: As of my weekly check up appointment last Thursday I was 1cm dilated. Baby was at a engaged in my pelvis -1. Doc could feel her head sitting right there. (change from the previous week where she wasn't even there). She is totally locked into position head down. She is locked AND loaded oh man is she loaded. Next appointment is TOMORROW! I have been having bouts of regular consistent contractions but they go away after a short amount of time. Gotta love Braxton Hicks Contractions! I just didn't think I would have to go through this "game" since this is my 3rd full term baby.
Maternity Clothes: Yes, bottoms need to wear maternity or stretchy pants. Tops I wear maternity now and my bigger t-shirts but those are tight now. I am actually running out of clothing. Wearing my new Fabletics sports bra in these pictures and LOVE THEM and the fun colors! A ton more coverage and super comfy!
Stretch Marks: I already have a ton that I got when I gained weight years ago. I think I am getting some new ones or my old was are just being stretched up higher on my belly. No bright purple ones just the faded white ones. I am using Honest Company belly balm right now though to help my belly stretch so I do not get any new ones. I apply it at night and right after I get out of the shower. 

Belly Button: Innie! I never had my belly button flatten out or pop out during my other 2 pregnancies, but this might be the one that I do! Every week it is getting closer! We are actually pretty close to having my belly button flatten out. But not yet. It is still an innie!

Braxton Hicks Contractions: I am getting them throughout the day now, many times a day. Including some strong ones that kind of make me stop and take a breath. I get two different kinds. Upper belly and lower belly, but never at the same time. (that would be labor!) Upper BH are generally caused by exercise and getting up and down too much and just a reminder to slow down and drink water. The other kind I am getting are lower belly ones that really take my breath away. I only get a couple of them a day, not as frequent as the others but these, yeah, remind me more of actual labor pains. They just happen when they want to happen!
Gender: GIRL!!! So excited about all the cute stuff we got for her! We have her coming home outfit and her picture props! So girly, and way too cute!
Sleep: I need to take a nap every day but I haven't been this week. And I am waking up many times a night to go to the bathroom or trying to get comfy. (If you see me make a comment on FB or IG at 2am this is why!) I am still getting up at night at 11:30pm, 3:30am, 5:30 without fail. Always around 9pm for about an hour she likes to put on a show and be super active! 
Miss Anything: Sleeping comfortably flat on my back! Sleeping through the night. 
Cravings:  MILK! I normally don't drink milk any more due to an intolerance I have to it but I have been craving it like nothing else. 2 8oz glasses usually. Funny thing, ice cream doesn't do the trick. It has to be straight up cold whole milk. WEIRD! Oh and veggies of course. I am loving me some veggies!
Aversions: Sweets taste too sweet for me, so I can only handle a little at a time, I just want them throughout the day. We went to Melting Pot for dessert last Friday for our Anniversary dinner and it was too much chocolate for me even though we got dark chocolate.
Excited About: My mom will be here in less than 2 weeks. Tomorrow I have my weekly doctor checkup and will be able to hear her heartbeat and find out more about my progress. I do think things have changed since last week because the number of strong contractions I have been having have definitely increased. 

Workouts: Pretty well for this week! I got in 5 days of regular workouts this past week. I'm really enjoying, COUNTRY HEAT! I am trying to dance this baby out! If you are interested in joining BUSY MOM'S DANCE PARTY just click on the link to request to join and I will get in touch with you with all the details! And I am enjoying finding prenatal yoga routines online. I can't do the 21 Day fix yoga anymore. Too many modifications so I am sticking with prenatal specific ones. 
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