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Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break Project

I had originally planned on painting my bedroom and bathroom but since I am still recovering and have to take things slower, I just did my bathroom. I will finish it up in the next couple of weeks because I didn't get to the commode closet that we have. So just a little bit left but the main part of the bathroom is DONE! YEA!

And I really love this blue! It actually matches the blue in our bedspread pretty well so we have some symmetry from the bedroom to the bathroom. Next on the list is for me to paint our bedroom a nice light tan color. I love spring break when I can get these little projects done. Oh and Matt was super impressed with my painting again. With how well I do with it. So kudos to me from him! Now time to get some beachy accessories!

Color: Benjamine Moore- Buxton Blue. - yes it is the same blue as in the morning room off the kitchen and in the kids cave. I had an extra can of paint so, waste not, want not!

I do tape off the room as well. It is easier. And taping USED to be my fav thing to do with painting but man it wore me out yesterday. So I don't think I like it so much anymore. Do you tape off the room before painting? Blue or green tape?

What did you do for spring break?
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