Friday, December 23, 2016

Ab Toning Exercises

I carry a lot of extra weight in my midsection. While I was pregnant I didn't do ANY crunches or heavy abdominal exercises. Since I am plus size I was at risk during my pregnancy to develop diastasis recti or a separation of my abdominal wall. Which you can read more about HERE. But now that Elyse is here. It is time to whittle my middle.

Being a plus size lady, some core exercises can be difficult due to the excess amount of fat in the midsection. Making some exercises more uncomfortable. WE can still do them, but listen to your body. Don't over crunch in on yourself. I find sometimes I want to do a fuller crunch, but I physically can't. So I end up pulling on my head more straining my neck. Watch out for that. Doing the movement as best you can is what you want to do to train your core to make it stronger. As you eat a healthy diet, your body will naturally start to lose the excess fat in the middle thus making these exercises even easier!

Russian Twists:
In a sitting position, lean back slightly and place your hands behind your ears. Then twist left elbow to opposite knee without crunch down. Then switch to right elbow to left knee and back and forth. Stay leaning back with your core tightened and engaged.
 Side Plank Twists:
Get into a modified kneeling side plank. Place your had behind your ear and elbow up to the sky. Then twist down to bring the elbows together as much as possible.
Plank Jacks:
High plank position. Start with legs together, then jump them out to wide position then back in and out. Tighten your core as much as possible to help stabilize your body.
 Basic Crunch:
Hands lightly behind the ears and lift with your chest not your head.

Down on your belly. Lift your arms and legs together slightly without straining your lower back and hold for 2 seconds. Then drop down softly. Then back up and so forth. The trick is to not go too high. If you feel a pinch in your low back, you are too high!

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