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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Clean Eating TIPS For Beginners

You have heard me talk about it so many times. I eat clean healthy balanced meals. But what does it really mean?

What Is Clean Eating?
  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked.
  2. Eat unprocessed lean meats that have not had anything added. This includes fresh chicken and fish and even lean, humanely raised beef and game.
  3. Enjoying whole grains instead of the processed or refined.
  4. Eating smaller, more frequent meals about every 2 1/2 – 3 hours.
Some people even take it to another level of eating clean like: avoiding flour, sugar, dairy or other food groups. Anyone can start to eat clean by just focusing on the basic guidelines listed above. There is no right or wrong way to eat clean—just the right way for you to feel good and get your desired results.
How to Start Eating Clean
Not everyone can afford to dump the majority of food in their kitchen and start from scratch. DON'T! Start your clean-eating adventure the easy way!

When you make your shopping list each week, select one or two items to switch with clean items. For example, if you need bread this week, make it a point to find “clean” bread (100% whole grain, no added sugar and identifiable ingredients such as whole wheat flour, salt and yeast). If you ran out of white rice, pick up a package of brown rice this week. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make the transition to clean foods—it does not happen overnight!  With this slow and steady approach, you don’t have to spend hours at the store reading labels either. Start small: You are also more likely to stick with it if you don’t shock yourself with a sudden change. This is not a quick fix this is for a lifestyle change. A NEW way of eating. And it can take some time to learn the ins and outs! 

Clean Eating for Beginners
  • Start slow and within your budget. Don’t worry about drastic changes you don't have to eat “perfect.”
  • You don't have to eat only organic food. Live within your budget and decide which foods you want to eat organic and stick with it. For me, I choose to eat organic meats when I can. And mostly organic fruit.  
  • Teach yourself to properly read labels. Focus on the ingredient list not necessarily on the nutrition list. Select foods with fewer ingredients—and ingredients that you recognize as real food.
  • Understand that you will make mistakes. The important thing is not giving up. 
  • Don’t stress over minor things. Keep the bigger concepts in mind and always work to improve. It’s about choosing the healthiest choice—not depriving yourself.
  • If you do have something that doesn’t mean your definition of “clean,” don’t throw in the towel. Make your next meal clean. That’s the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. 
  • Live the rule of 80/20. It's ok to have some indulgences every now and then. 20% of the time is a good rule of thumb. This lifestyle change isn't sustainable if you don't allow yourself to have some chocolate, or a candy bar every now and again. But the key is in moderation. only 20% of the time. 

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