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Monday, December 19, 2016

BEST Fitness Apparel For Expecting Moms

Hey fit moms! You want to know about my favorite pregnant workout tops? I love my For Two Fitness tops. I start wearing them at 14 weeks to show off to the world that I was TRAINING FOR TWO (or as early as you want) and my tops GREW with me to even wear them at 40 weeks! No riding up, no binding, still comfy and soft from 16 weeks until 40 weeks! Honestly they were the only top I really wanted to wear at the end of my pregnancy because they were so long and covered my belly up pretty well! 

Guess what? I have a special offer coming to you from For Two Fitness! For being my reader you can use the special Promo code FITBECKY to save 30% STOREWIDE at For Two Fitness and also get FREE priority shipping on orders over $75. Valid through January 15, 2017. Just enter FITBECKY in the discount code box during checkout. They have super cute tops for your growing belly and even a tank for after your little one has arrived! And they have more than just tops, shorts, capris you name it they got you covered!

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