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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Disney World 2018 Trip

1 year ago I decided that it was time for our family to go back to Disney World and that I wanted to go in January (low season). And last week, I made that goal/wish/dream come true. Power of writing your goals down peeps!

My family and my parents spent 5 days at Disney World Monday - Friday and stayed at the military hotel right on the Disney Properties. Shades of Green. (I'm not getting paid to mention them, nor was any of our trip compensated for this mention, but I think ALL military should know about this hotel.) The rooms are HUGE and had more than enough space for all 5 of us including a crib in our room. Plus I used their workout facilities every day because I refused to miss a workout! And every morning I got a fresh veggie omelet made to order to help me stay on better track with my nutrition. 

I am currently in the beginning of this 80 Day Program. And in the program we have a pretty strict nutrition plan. I knew, as much as I tried, that I would not be able to do the timed nutrition in the park. I didn't have a big enough fridge in my room to accommodate all the veggies and fruits I need daily. But...what I did do, workout daily on top of all the walking we did and every time we had a meal, I tried to go for a healthier option and ordered tons of veggies. Even an extra salad if I needed to. And yes. I did indulge in some sweets and treats and desserts. But I did not gain 1 pound while I was away and walked an average of about 4 miles. (possibly a little more since my hubs was holding my phone for me most of the time.) 

Learned a few things. Traveling with a family of 5 is hard. Being in a large park with tons of people and 3 young kids is HARD. 3 years olds...ARE HARD! But in the end we had tons of fun and I feel overall health and wellness wise I did pretty awesome! Oh, one funny thing. I planned ahead of time that Wednesday, cardio day, I didn't want to do in the gym. Mostly because I look like I am DYING when I do cardio (partly am) but I thought it would be fun to do it right off our room on the patio. Well, that morning I opened up the curtains and found a Peacock there. Dude didn't move for 40 minutes. When he did move, I went to open the door and it scurried back and squatted. I seriously got Peacock Blocked from my workout spot. Ended up going to the gym. Oh well!

Peacock Blocked. Yep he sat there for so long, and left a present! How rude! 

Kids enjoyed watching him though.
You can view more of my daily workouts over at my INSTAGRAM page

Booty gains!

Workouts go anywhere I go. All I need is my tablet with Wifi, or my cell with service! 

Collin LOVED this ride! Just look at his face!

Learned that my oldest son is not a fan of rides, AT ALL! 

Of course I had to get a picture with Merida. Us gingers have to stick together! 

Elyse wasn't a fan.
Slept through most of our dinner at Be Our Guest.
Dumbo with my little dude!

My morning breakfast. Onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes made to order omelet

My side salad I got on our date night at CĂ­tricos at the Grand Floridian
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How To Take Your Best "Before" Pictures

Are you just starting on your journey? CONGRATS! That's a huge move. I bet you are a super excited but a little nervous too. But before you start your journey you MUST MUST MUST Take your before pictures. Yes. It is a MUST! You do not have to share them with anyone. You can keep them as a private, locked file on your computer that only your eyes can see but you NEED to take them. It took me YEARS to be comfortable sharing my pictures, and now I do it monthly because I love seeing the progress I am making but also to help motivate and inspire other women that LOSING WEIGHT IS POSSIBLE! Because one are going to look at those hidden folders and see how far you have come and REJOICE in the fact of how much you have changed!

How To Take The BEST "Before" Pictures

Pick a place in your house that gets good lighting or that you can light easily. The area in my pictures below isn't always the best for pictures because it can be a dark spot but I can light it with lamps that I just angle in. You don't have to have a whole light system, which I have but hasn't really made that much of a difference.

INVEST in a tripod for your camera or phone. Yep. Make the leap and just do it. I got this full size TRIPOD FROM AMAZON for less than $20. I like it because I can set it to take pictures straight on and don't need my husband to do it for me and it holds it's height so that my pictures are consistent every month. It fits my DSLR that I got before I had Mason 7 years ago. You can also get a TRIPOD for your phone, and the top piece that holds your phone screws on the tall tripod.

Pick non baggy clothing. You want to see your progress. I started with taking my pictures with a body hugging tank top, to now just wearing a sports bra. Same with pants. You want to wear body hugging bottoms so that you can see your shape. Try not to use compression pants as that can cut into your midsection, but also that sucks you in. You want to get your true results right? Think about how much you want to change your body and what parts. You need to be able to see those parts. As scary as it is, doing a picture in a sports bra and short shorts or a bikini show EVERYTHING. In the end, pick what makes you feel comfortable but can show the changes that will happen. Also wear similar clothing in each picture.

Classic angles are front, side and back. Yep, it's really that easy. I personally like side because that is where I see the most changes but you want to make sure you get all angles for every pose. You can also do a slight twist with your upper body to show those shredded abs...well, one day right!

 Side: (my best side)


 Other side:

Please, Please, PLEASE! I know it is scary and uncomfortable taking a picture of yourself practically naked, but for the love of Pete, SMILE. It makes me so sad to see the sad faces in your before. If you are having a hard time smiling just think of these pictures as your GOODBYE pictures. Goodbye to the old you. Goodbye fluffy tummy. Goodbye old habits. GOODBYE and HELLO to the new you. SMILE and smile big. Because you are worth it to love your body, dimples, rolls and all.

In the end, these are your photos to help you best track your progress over time. Enjoy the whole process, as scary as it can be (this is the first time I have ever done bikini bottoms!) It is scary for everyone because you are showing all those "flaws" that we want no one to see, because you can't hide it when you take these pictures and that is the point! You need to see you, to see the changes!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

80 Day Obsession Starts Today

HAPPY DAY 1!!! It's been the most anticipated program, with the largest coach test group and biggest launch in the history of Beachbody! 80 Day Obsession At Home Workout STARTS TODAY! Have you joined us yet?
What is 80 Day Obsession?
80 Day Obsession is a Total Body Transformation program with a strong emphasis on training the butt and core.  It's 80 days of OBSESSIVE focus on fitness and nutrition, spread over 13 weeks.

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Why Is It So Different?
There are 80 different workouts! Each and every workout is different. There are 6 different types of workouts but weekly you change how many sets or reps and amount of weight you use to constantly push yourself towards change. Plus it was filmed in live time giving it a real feel that you are not the only struggling (because the cast is working just as hard as you are and they will tell you!) There are a total of 3 phases and each phase increases the intensity of the workout.

What's The Nutrition Plan All About? 
There is a specific nutrition plan with this program. It is called Timed Nutrition. It isn't new, but it is something that has never been done with any other Beachbody Program like this. Timed Nutrition sounds complicated but it isn't. It tells you what to eat, when to eat it and exactly how much to eat. Takes the guess work out of when to eat. Why is it so important? Because it is helping to fuel your body for your workouts with pre-workout meals and also help get the nutrients back into your body after your workout and aid in recover after your workout. There's no starving. It's a plan that has you eating fruits, veggies, healthy carbs, protein and healthy fats.

Get this BUNDLED KIT through this link plus it makes me your coach so you get to work WITH ME. I picked this bundle kit specifically because it gives you the same daily shake that I LOVE that helps cut my cravings but it also gives you a chance to try out the pre workout drink and post workout drink. Perfect pack to get your feet wet! When you order I WILL get in touch with you either by Facebook or Email within 24 hours and help you get started right! 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Simple Tips To Rock Your Early Morning Workout

Where are my early morning workout enthusiasts? Working out first thing in the morning has HUGE benefits for most people. It starts the day off right. Helps you feel accomplished and have more confidence in yourself. Don't have to worry about exercising later in the day...But dang it, it can be SO HARD to get up early and get your workout in. How many times have you hit the snooze button on your workouts? If you are struggling, these are the TIPS FOR YOU to rock your early morning workout! And don't feel guilty if this is a struggle, you are not the only one! All you have to do is find the motivation to wake up early for a workout, make it a habit and before you know it, you are doing it!

Create A Routine
Be consistent with your time every day on when you want to workout. By creating a routine it will help your morning run a lot smoother until your body and mind realize that it has become a familiar habit. Of course the first few days are going to be difficult but by waking at 6am every day, drinking your pre-workout drink by 6:15 then working out by 6:30 consistently for a week or so your body and mind will realize when it's go time.

Keep Your Phone On The Other Side Of The Room
We have all grown so accustomed to charging our phone right next to us on the side table. GET OUT OF THIS HABIT! How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to go pee and you check your phone? The blinding, bright light? Not only can it mess with getting back to sleep it can mess with the quality of sleep you have after you put it down. Plus by putting your phone and charging it across the room, it means you have to get up and out of bed to turn off the alarm. When you are up, don't get back in. Make your way into the bathroom with the lights on and do your thing!

Set Out Your Workout Gear The Night Before
Believe it or not one of the main excuses people have when they have to wake up early. Getting dressed. But if your workout gear is already picked out, and of course it has to be fun, you will find that it is easier to get out of bed and get dressed and ready to go.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise
So very true. When you are getting enough sleep it is so much easier to get to get out of bed. Right now, I actually set an alarm to go to bed at 10pm. So that I can wake up at 6am. Yep a solid 8 hours. Our bodies need a good solid 8 hours you guys. Think about it, if you are only getting 7 hours a night by the end of the week you have already lost a whole night's worth of sleep. No wonder we are all so tired. And the harder my workout the earlier I want to go to bed. I know it isn't as much fun but your body needs to rest and recover!

Find a Workout Buddy or Group
You do not have to be in the same room, same city or even same state to workout with a buddy. You can go on Facebook messenger and workout together. Or do a zoom call with your friends and workout together. That is what we are doing in our Coach Test Group for 80 Day Obsession, we are having group workouts during the day. Keeps you accountable and even pushes you to push harder. Last night on a team call, my friend was saying that when she heard what weights all the other ladies were lifting she instantly thought "CRAP! I HAVE TO UP MY GAME!" It definitely adds a whole new level of your workout and makes it fun!

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Trust The Process AND Your Program

We are now a full week into the new year! If you just started a new workout plan for your resolution I want to say to you first, YAY! You made it through the first week. Celebrate that fact because it is pretty awesome! If you are continuing your program, YAY! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! KEEP GOING! No matter where you are in your journey, KEEP GOING! Because what you are doing MATTERS.

Over the next few weeks you are going to be feeling awesome, working hard and checking your progress which could, at some point, lead you to start thinking if what you are really doing is making a difference. I AM HERE TO TELL YOU YES! It makes a difference and to TRUST THE PROCESS AND THE PROGRAM! This has become our motto in our Team's Test Group for 80 Day Obsession because there are a lot of questions, a lot of people want to make changes but...the program has been created and tested with amazing results. All you have to do is follow what it says, trust the process, even if that means the scale goes up, and keep going.

Check out these tips to help you stay motived

1) Not All Progress Happens On The Scale 

Some women will lose inches faster than weight on the scale. Yep, I do for sure. It takes a good 35 days for my body to figure out and say, "oh, okay. I see what we are doing now," and then it will start to release the weight. But it takes 35 days of consistent work.  This is why it is so important to measure your progress by actually taking body measurements, body fat measurements, how your clothing feel and PICTURES! Even if you will never show another soul, take those pictures every month to track your progress!
2) You Must EAT The Right Foods

You have heard the phrase, "You can't out exercise a bad diet." If you are working out for an hour, even walking on the treadmill for an hour and then go get half a dozen doughnuts, you aren't going to see any progress. Or if you eat healthy and clean Monday through Friday then go crazy on the weekends, it will slow your progress. You have to decide NOW that you are going to trust the process and your program and follow it. Using it as a guide to help shape the eating habits for the rest of your life. Because if it is a good plan, then it is something that you should be able to do long term and not just a short term quick fix.

3) Follow Your Workout Schedule And WORK! 

As sore and tired as you might get, you still want to follow your program and push yourself (safely of course) and follow the plan. For me, we have 6 hard days, the a day of rest. No yoga, no active recovery but a day to rest and stretch and help our sore muscles recover. Follow your workout schedule. It was designed in a way to work with your nutrition to help you get the best results possible.

4) Love Yourself Through This Process

Don't forget to be proud of yourself for everything that you are accomplishing. You are amazing. Your progress is amazing. Your goals are amazing. You are worth it to work hard for every single one of your goals. Even if that means you have to get a little out of your comfort zone with your eating habits, trying something new, and pushing yourself a little more in your workouts so that you are not going through the motions. You are worth it. Keep saying that, "I'm worth it to work hard for my goals!"

Curious about the program I keep talking about? Check out THIS POST ABOUT 80 DAY OBSESSION. It is going to be life changing!

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