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Friday, May 31, 2019

Think You're Too _____ To Workout? #FitHasNoSize

BEING A FIT PERSON IS NOT DEFINED BY YOUR SIZE! #FitHasNoSize! I'm here to tell you, you can do any workout, maybe not the whole thing on day 1 of trying, but eventually, YES you will be able to do the workouts you never thought you could and BEYOND!

I'm 240 pounds an I'm doing an EXTREME PLYOMETRICS workout. Was it easy? Hell no! I worked hard, and was totally toast by the end of the workout, but that is exactly what should be happening in a workout. You should be fighting so hard to push yourself and do your best that you need to take a beat at the end and just realize what you just accomplished! Check out my Instagram post below.

I hear from women every day that I'm inspiring them to believe that they could possibly have a chance to achieve their goals but "I could never do that!" "Why?" I ask. "Because I'm too: old, fat, overweight, not flexible enough, I've tried before but..." It's time to use posts like this to inspire you to take action and actually try. To stop comparing your day 1 to somebody else's because it will not be anything like what I'm doing right now or some other fispo IG'er. I'm on day, gosh, 693, and yes, I still have a long way to go in my journey, but...ACTION is what really makes the change happen for you.


1) STOP making excuses for why you can't do something. Eventually, with enough consistency you will be able to do what you intend to do. But it takes practice, patience and a whole lot of work. One does not learn to play a Mozart Sonata the first day of piano lessons. It takes years of learning, training and practicing. Same thing with exercise.
2) MODIFY, MODIFY and MODIFY! I was the modifying queen in the beginning. I literally had to modify every move and literally couldn't do many of the moves for the entire 60 seconds (the program has you complete a single move, as many as you can, in 60 seconds) And then I had to pause my DVD, sit down and catch my breath. My 30 minute workouts took well over 45 minutes to complete. But...I kept pushing play, I kept doing all the moves, and I didn't give up.
3) CELEBRATE every time you do something you didn't think you could. NOT with food, but do a little dance, tell your friends, and share it on Social Media. "OMG! I JUST DID 10 PUSHUPS and x weeks ago I couldn't do ANY!" Because you are the one who's now inspiring others. That way you are getting support from your community. It comes full circle girl!
4) KEEP GOING and don't let yourself get complacent. Years ago, right after I had my second baby, I had completed 3 rounds of doing 21 Day Fix, I knew all the jokes, I just lost my mojo and excitement. MOVE ON TO ANOTHER PROGRAM! It's okay to try something else and then go back to your "home base" That's the beauty of our online fitness library is that we have over 40 full programs and 800 separate workouts to choose from. There is not a lack of things to do to keep you motivated and moving on. Not sure what to do next? Well, That's what I'm here as a virtual coach. When you work with me I have the privilege to help you with as your personal 1:1 coach, I can help you find a program that will fit in your busy life and goals.
Ready to learn more about what I'm doing or want work with me? CLICK HERE to get started and let's get you set up and the support you need to ROCK your goals this summer! Any Questions? EMAIL ME!

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