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Monday, May 20, 2019

When The Scale Doesn't Go Down And You're Stuck In A Plateau...What Do You Do?

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I'm calling it right now. I've been stuck in a plateau for MONTHS even though I have been exercising 5+ days a week for the past year and a half and even though I was eating pretty well. But...what do you do when you're stuck. In the past I would have thrown my hands up in the air and gave up, but NOT ANY MORE! 

What causes plateaus? 

1) How much sleep are you getting? Your body needs sleep. Actually it needs a lot of sleep. Sleep helps the body repair and rest from your exercises, movements and over use, keeps the mind functioning better. Aim to get AT LEAST 8 hours a sleep at night. YES the whole 8 HOURS AT LEAST! I know this sounds so weird, I used to aim for 7-8 but  now, 8 is my magic number. Ever since I got my Apple iWatch I've really been diligent on tracking my sleep with the Autosleep App. Aiming not only for 8 hours but watching my deep sleep. 

2) Be mindful of exactly what you are eating. Are you really following your meal plan or just kind of sort of following it? This is my deal. I'm about 80% eating really, really well and following my plan (okay maybe 75%) and then I still allow myself to eat treats, in moderation. This idea is great when you are in MAINTENANCE MODE but not when you really have to get the weight loss going. You have got to be on it like Donkey Kong. Log all your meals. If you bite it, write it! In my exclusive group we have a food log tracker, and many of our programs include a tracker too or you can use the My Fitness Pal app to track your  macros! 

3) Not changing your workouts up. Your body actually acclimates to doing the same workouts over and over again. Like if you just do bicep curls with an 8 pound weight for 3 months in a row expecting to see mass built in your bicep, it's not going to happen. You have to challenge yourself in new ways. Change it up. Do other exercises that work the same muscle but in a new way. Pushups with a leg lift, or hammer curls, or even doing half reps, reps that only go up half way or start halfway and go to the top! That's why I LOVE the Beachbody On Demand online streaming library. We have access to over 40 complete programs (that's way more than 600 workouts), plus trainer tips, tracker sheets, meal plans, nutrition plans, recipes and even a healthy cooking show geared towards perfect size portions that are simple to make and yummy to eat! 

In the end you need to focus on letting your body rest, eating your best and changing it up in your fitness routine every now and then. Sleep, Nutrition and Movement. These are the 3 vitals to rock your progress! 

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