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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Working Out After Surgery or Extended Break

I'm back in my old schedule after my appendectomy 6 weeks ago. Not being able to workout, like really workout, has been hard for me. I honestly didn't think it would take that long, but I could feel my insides pulling when I was trying to do some exercises and it didn't feel comfortable. So why push things. I took a long recovery and now I am feeling great and ready. But 6 weeks without working out was hard mentally. I need my daily exercise to get through the day. It's my personal therapy session and helps me be a better mom. I'm not going to lie, I started to get the blues a bit during recovery and that was hard to get over. that I am 2 days strong into my workout routine, mentally, I'm feeling so much better. Body wise, I AM SORE AF!

Are you just getting back into exercise after an extended break? Here are some things to remember:

How often do I need to work out? 
Anything is better than nothing but a good rule of thumb is 3 days a week. Basically every other day. Then try to remain active the other days, by going on a walk, doing yoga or stretching. I'm personally following the 21 Day Fix program right now, which is a 7 day a week program for 3 weeks. Each workout during the week is different, and rotates between total body strength training (there's 2 of these in the week), cardio, upper body, lower body, yoga, pilates.

How long should my workouts be? 
There are a ton of 20-30 minute workouts out there like 21 Day Fix or 22 Minute Hardcore. They are great because they are easy to fit into your schedule because they are 30 minutes or less. But remember workouts that are short, tend to be more intense. Because in order for your body to benefit from short workouts you have to push yourself. 40-45 minute workouts are a good amount of time for lesser intensity workouts. Honestly, I have been taking breaks when I need them and my 30 minute workout on Monday ended up taking 45 minutes. But, as I get stronger and better, I won't need as many breaks. Listen to your body!
What's the best time of day to workout? 
That is your choice. What time of the day is easiest for you and that you can do on a regular, consistent basis. Are you a morning person, afternoon or late night exerciser. First rule of thumb, is to find the time in your schedule. Sit down with your schedule for you and your entire family and block out 30-45 minutes every day. Preferably at the same time each day so that it is easy to remember and can be developed into a habit.

What to eat before you exercise
Depends on what type of workout and really how you feel. For years, I didn't eat anything before I exercised. Especially for running. It made me sick to my stomach to run with food in my stomach. But, it is a good idea to give your body some fuel to use while you exercise. A banana is a good snack to eat before a workout plus it helps to reduce cramping with the potassium in it. If you are going to really hit it hard, a healthy snack of carb and protein is PERFECT! Like a whole wheat english muffin with some peanut butter in it. But you do have to count that towards your containers a day if you are following the nutrition fix program! And I personally enjoy my "no excuses juice"15 minutes before my workout. It's a pre-workout drink that helps to give me energy without caffeine or the jitters and helps my endurance while I am exercising!

How much weight should I use during my exercises? 
When you are getting back into exercise, you have to start over again. Which means, get back slowly into your exercise. For me, I go back to 0 weights, then work my way up. But the great thing, I'm not down for long. Muscle memory is an amazing thing! Listen to your body and add weights when you are feeling up to it and go slow. Don't add too much too quickly otherwise you can injure yourself.

Feeling sore after your first workout? WORKOUT MORE! 
This is my thinking. Your body needs movement to help loosen up those sore muscles you worked the other day. If you are feeling sore. MOVE. As much as it hurts, and I get it, but MOVE THOSE MUSCLES. Within 5 minutes you will not be feeling sore and after your workout you will feel amazing. But also remember, don't push yourself so hard during your workout that you injure yourself. Day 1 of your exercise do 50% max effort to allow your body to adjust. Then the next week increase your effort and go from there. Your body needs time to adapt, and it will adapt very quickly!

What to eat after your workout
Remember to get a good snack in after your workout. Your body has worked hard. Aim for protein rich foods to help your body heal and recover faster. Personally, I like to use Shakeology as my after workout snack. Plus with it being a chocolate shake, yeah, it feels like I'm cheating just a little. I'm a little rebel!

Are you ready to get started again but not sure where to start, or what will work best for you? Or do you find it difficult to get in and stay in a healthy routine? Do you have goals but not sure how to get started? Wanting to change but not sure you want to make a long term commitment?

I challenge you to 1 week...

1 week of clean eating

1 week of workouts at your own pace

1 week of superfoods to kick cravings

Is your health worth the investment of 1 week...YES!! You and your health are worth it!!

Give me 1 week to see how easy it can be to implement clean eating and fitness into your daily routine.

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