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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Elyse Cheyenne: 6 Months

Baby girl is officially half a year old! CRAZY Thought but man, time is just speeding by. She is getting so big and feisty and her personality...SHE IS A SPITFIRE! She is a generally well tempered baby, but she has found her voice when she wants to. And it is a specific cry of "MOM! COME GET ME!" that she really wails on! Gotta love her though.
13 pounds 6.8 ounces
24.25 inches tall

Her favorite activity: Watching her brothers. You can tell that she just loves them so very much because she allows her big brother to carry her around the house. And she loves getting hugs, kisses and attention from them. She still doesn't roll from back to front. But she has gone up onto all 4's prepping for crawling. She will sit tripod with her hands bracing her on the ground but she just prefers to be on her belly and watch that way, or have her oldest brother hold her. She isn't too picky.

6 months here and gone. I am so blessed that this little sweet pea is part of our family. I am striving every single day to be the best example for her. So that I can show her why having a healthy body is so important and to love yourself no matter what. In the end. I want to be the best example for her to help her not have to through what I went through as a teen. 

Kisses for mommy

She even joined me in a couple workout videos: 

My mini-me!

March 23 she got up onto all 4's! Her first yoga pose! Momma's so proud!!

Kisses for brother
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