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Monday, February 16, 2015

So Relieved!

I am so relieved that I can finally talk about my pregnancy. It has been so hard writing and not to be able to tell you why I was having a hard time getting my weekly workouts in or why running was becoming more and more difficult.

So here it is! My excuses! I have had and still continue to have extreme exhaustion. And it is not like I am not sleeping. I am sleeping so much right now I am almost confused why I am so tired, but I am. I have to remind myself that I am doing 2 things at once right now. I am still nursing Collin and I am making a whole new baby. That takes a lot of energy and it is just zapping me and knocking me on my butt, more than I thought it would. And to accompany that I have had horrid morning sickness which means I am not eating as much as I probably should be to support nursing and making a baby. In the beginning I was trying to eat what I knew I should and I was getting so sick to my stomach after ever meal that I finally figured out that I needed to just eat more meals during the day but smaller amounts. Once I did that, the morning sickness has gotten better but I still have days where it is just, nothing looks good to me at all and I have to force myself to eat. And hunks of meat don't go well for me right now. I can't just eat chicken or beef. I have been enjoying rice and soups mostly, oh and eggs. Eggs are my staple right now. We are going through 3 dozen eggs a week right now. And I have now started drinking a tea that has been helping me with my morning sickness so I am excited for that to work. But I just can't wait to get past the first trimester and be done with all this morning sickness and exhaustion!

But other than that, I have been doing pretty well. I have times where I actually feel pretty good and forget I am pregnant, or start to worry if something is wrong. And per usual every commercial on TV right now gets me crying or anything sappy I am a total water works!

As I said on Saturday I am still planning on running my 10k on Sunday and also the 10 miler next month. I know I can do this, but I just have to be safe about it. I am still in the danger zone of being pregnant, but from my past experiences I know that there is nothing I can do to continue a pregnancy if it is not meant to be. So I have been wielding faith with every footstep. Saying a prayer, ever run I do, that the baby and I stay safe and that we finish happy and healthy. The days that I have done my long runs, I am pretty much out for the count the rest of the day. Or at least most of it. The 7 miles I did 2 weeks ago, I was dealing with my feet hurting from the shoes not working well, which made my legs hurt more than they should so I was pretty roughed up from that run. But I have my old brand and year back now and I am excited to break in my new shoes. (more on the shoes later this week!)
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