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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reality Weight Loss

I often think about why it is so easy for "famous" people to lose weight. Especially right after they have a baby. Here I am 5 months after Collin and I still am at my weight I was after I had him. Haven't dropped below, I still have a belly and a big butt and I just can't seem to find that workout groove.

"Famous" people, it is their job to be a certain look. Often we criticize these people for getting stick thin after having a baby, or I am even proud of them for not losing all the weight immediately and show what a woman actually looks like after having a baby. But the truth of the matter is, this is their job that is on the line to look a certain way by a certain time.

I was watching a while back the reality show about Tia and Tamera Mowry. It was the time when Tamera was just about to have her baby and I watched up till after she had him. She was on hiatus from her show before she had the baby and had to come back looking like she never had a baby. It was part of her job and a big part that she had to look the same size as she did prior to the show going on hiatus while she was pregnant. Yes she hired a personal trainer to come to her house and train her. And she had a babysitter at her house while with said trainer, and yes she even had someone cook for her. But it was her job to lose the baby weight again. And she did! Through diet and exercise.

So here comes Missy Elliot who just by doing diet and intense exercise lost 30 lbs and LOOKS AMAZING! She did 2 different Beachbody products, T25 and Insanity. That's all it takes. Diet and exercise. No magic pill. No surgery just hard work and dedication!

Do you think that if you were getting paid to lose weight that you would stick with your weight loss regime better? There are apps or pools you can enter to actually get paid for every pound you lose or how much exercise you do a day. There is an app called Pact that you get paid when you meet your goals and you owe if you don't. It costs money, so know what you are getting into first before you participate. is another place to win money when you reach a certain percentage lost in a month or however long the game is going for. Diary of a fit mommy will often host these events. It costs money though, so know what you are getting into first before you participate!

If you need support to get you through your workouts or just need a workout buddy we can work together! You are more prone to lose weight if you have someone else doing it with your or supporting you the way you need to be supported! Just fill out the form below and I will contact you! Help you. We can do this together!

QOTD: If losing weight was part of your job would that make a difference in how you approach trying to lose weight?

(disclaimer: These opinions reflected above are my opinions alone and weight loss apps and games are by suggestion only. I am not responsible for positive or negative affect of the reader participating in these types of activity.)

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