Friday, December 9, 2016

Plus Size Fitness: Best Yoga Poses To Help With Digestion

In November as my first exercise post baby, I decided to ease back in with some basic beginner yoga. And being plus size I have always been so scared to do yoga. I don't fit the typical mold of a yoga person. I have curves, I have excess fat that doesn't let me get as deep into a pose as I want to be. But IT CAN STILL BE DONE NO MATTER YOUR SHAPE OR SIZE! I did the 3 Week Yoga Retreat only available on Beachbody On Demand. One thing I noticed is how much better my body felt and how things were a lot more "regular". I wasn't as bloated, and my tummy was just moving better. Great side effect I didn't anticipate but totally happened! And with Christmas coming up, we could all use some happy tummies before, during and after the big family and holiday get-togethers we have!

Check out these yoga posts to help with Digestion:

Bridge pose:

Seated twist or spinal twist:



Child's pose: 

Downward Dog

Forward Bend: 

Chair pose:

Triangle pose: 

Knees hugged into chest:

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