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Friday, July 14, 2017

Working Out Is Your New Personal Therapy Session

The #1 thing I hear from people, moms especially, is "I don't know how you do it [find time to workout] with kids at home." That's the thing; I don't really have time to workout at home. I don't. I'm busy just like anyone else. I just took Collin upstairs for time out because he didn't like hearing me say no to something so he decided to be vindictive and get back at me by taking a plastic knife to my piano. (that S&*t don't fly in my house!) 

I am a busy mom with crazy kids at home, but if I don't workout, I AM THE ONE THAT WILL GO CRAZY! I have learned how to make my workouts sessions like my daily therapy session to stay sane. No joke you guys. When I was going to a therapist for my miscarriage, I made it a point to exercise and felt so much better mentally than the days that I didn't exercise. 
How do you make your workout into a personal therapy session? 

1) Set aside some time for you. MAKE TIME in your life for you. If that means 30 minute nap time. Quiet time. Time out. Whatever you call it. Do it. My kids are in their quiet time spaces when I do mine. They are in a safe location so that I can turn my brain off for them and focus on what I am doing.

2) Focus on the workout and what the trainer is saying. Most trainers are motivating. They will say something that will just hit you right in the heart. Use that phrase as your drive to help you get through the next 30 minutes or however long you have left. The other day it was: YOU HAVE SO MUCH MORE IN YOU! He was so flipping right! I DID! The workout was getting harder, and I was getting tired. So I started to just go through the motions, but motions aren't going to get me results! So I pushed and finished strong you guys! 

3) Allow yourself to think about you and how you are feeling during the workout. Sounds weird but it is true. Don't be making your grocery list as you are doing pushups. Don't be thinking about what you have to do after the workout is done, think about you in that moment. How you are feeling. How your body feels. How far you have come. What you will feel like when you reach your goals. We start going through the motions or quite when we stop focusing on what we want. 

4) Take pride in what you just accomplished at the end of the workout. Give yourself a mental high five for rocking your workout. Think about you struggles you overcame or a move that was hard but you tried it anyways, and were able to do 1, 3, or 5 of them. You are amazing and strong. 

5) BE CONSISTENT! Don't just do this one day a week, be consistent and do this MOST DAYS, and especially the days that you feel run down or down on yourself. ( I want to say weaker mentally, just having a harder time coping with things going on around you, but I don't know if that is the right term but it kind of is) The more that you exercise, the more consistent you get with it the more it will help you. The more that you will want it for this reason. Our bodies and mind need exercise you guys. There is a reason why our body is flooded with endorphins after we exercise. We need it! 

So...who is getting in their personal therapy session today? What are you going to do? 
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