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Monday, November 14, 2022

Officially A Certified Nutrition Coach

Have you ever started on one path in life and enjoyed it so much you wanted to learn more? This first happened a few years ago. I had been doing the at home exercises and virtual coaching for awhile, not including this blog--  this started first. And one day I decided I wanted to learn more about why we did specific exercises, what some of the terms meant. That put me on the path to getting becoming a certified Personal Trainer, where I utilize my knowledge to help my clients with modifications, alternate or swapped moves to fit their journey. Plus it opened up doors on what I can and can't say on this blog. (Yes this was important for me. I wanted to be able to say, "do this" instead of wording like "I like doing" for me it was toeing a line.) 

Fast forward a couple years and I knew my next focus was going to be on nutrition. I mean, my first continuing education for my personal training was to become a certified mentor for both our nutrition programs we offer on Beachbody. But I wanted more. the beginning of 2022 I decided it was going to be my nutrition learning year. Not knowing how much the gut healing program was going to change my life with losing 30+ pounds, that was a bit of luck it seems. But then came the registration and all the studying. I was going to do it. Become a certified Nutrition Coach! 

Took the test last Friday and PASSED!!! So, say hello to your newest Certified Nutrition Coach Personal Trainer! 

What does this mean? 

In my groups I already offer recipes weekly, but we also have weekly meal plans, with recipes and a grocery list. I can help you figure out your macros needed and nutrition information. I am NOT a Registered Dietician so there is a difference, but I can confidently assist you further in nutrition help, getting you started, and feeling confident in making changes to your mindset to help achieve your goals. But here's the skinny, I absolutely love our nutrition programs we offer in our virtual fitness library. 2 come completely included in your initial bundle kit, and the gut healing is an add on (but so very much worth it!) So these program and me working in tandem, that is the key! I'll show you how I incorporated these programs into my daily life and made them work. If you're ready to begin working with me, FILL OUT THIS FORM and once you submit it, I'll send you a link to check out to get you started right and plugged into my groups! 

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