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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Plus Size Fitness: How To Develop Discipline Over Motivation In Your Health and Fitness Journey

Tell me I can't do something, I'll be the first to show you, I CAN! That's the competitive person in me I learned from being a perfectionist. But, for way too many years, I told myself "I could NEVER do xyz." And I said it ALL THE TIME! Here's the thing, there are so many things I want to be able to do but I still would say, "I could never do a marathon." "I could never actually like to workout every day." "I could never do yoga." "I could never do a handstand."

It wasn't until I finally did things, like really big things in my life, that I started to change my thinking.

  • I wanted a natural, epidural free labor. It took me months of mental prep and I HAD 3! (including a few miscarriages.) 
  • I wanted to run a Disney race, it took me months of prep and massive determination because I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon at 29 weeks pregnant and completed it. 
  • I wanted to finally get exercise a daily habit, It took me a year of consistently choosing to exercise daily and NOW exercise is just another part of my day just like brushing my teeth! 

And now I've been challenging myself to do the things I never really thought I could do but am doing! Like yoga, regularly. And after a year and 4 months I am doing wall assisted handstands! I'm 240 pounds and I DID A FREAKING VERTICAL HANDSTAND!

ALL OF THESE THINGS THOUGH DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT! They took months and months of dedication, determination and PERSISTENCE IN MY PURSUIT FOR MY GOALS!

So you want to know how to develop discipline over motivation in your health and fitness journey?

1) PATIENCE - You have to know that change doesn't happen over night. Or in 21 days. Or in 1 month. Or in 3 months. It takes months and months and months of choosing to do the hard stuff over not doing it. Did I want to run 9 miles on a treadmill because it was too icy to do it outside for me since I was 26 weeks pregnant. No but I kept telling myself for MONTHS, "Come hell or high water, pregnant or not, I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon!" So I did it anyways. All 3 hours of it and 4 bathroom breaks.

2) PERSISTENCE - Do you think I wanted to really workout every day? NOPE I didn't. Sometimes you just have to suck it up buttercup and do the work anyways because how many times before have you said, "I'll do it tomorrow." Girl, today is tomorrow. This is your chance. You don't get this day back. You can't have a do over. Are you willing to look back and see that you choose not to take care of you when you really could have made the time to do it? Today is your day to change your life. SO START and no matter what comes up in your day or life, keep doing it. It's your time for you to better your health!

3) CONTINUING TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF - Last year I was introduced to Donkey Kicks in the fitness program I was doing. It terrified me the idea of kicking up into a handstand. And one of my fellow coaches started doing handstand training to help her get used to and gaining that level of trust in herself to kick up to it. Weekly I did donkey kicks for 9 months. And every few months I tried wall assisted handstands. And at each check they got better and better. More and more in control and comfortable. Until May. When I finally hit a vertical handstand with a little assistance from the wall. I didn't give up on my goal. I kept doing it even though the idea of my arms holding me up scared me. The idea of falling over and whacking into the other wall and getting hurt scared me. I did it anyways because I made a goal for myself!

4) ACCOUNTABILITY - This is a big one. Because when you have to show up for someone else, you are more likely to follow through than drop the ball. When you have someone that you check in with to help you along, to encourage you, or to tell you to get off your duff and do it anyways, you are going to show up! What drove me to push play every day was the fact that I was sharing my journey with my coach and support group and all of social media. Now you don't have to share your journey on Insta but when you have a coach or a support community you are part of and you commit to, YOU SHOW UP! People were counting on me to check in and show up with my progress. So even though I didn't want to. I did it anyways!
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