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Monday, March 4, 2019

Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition: It Really Works!

I had a realization today that I have completely changed my diet from fast foods, processed foods and actually enjoying eating whole foods. This is exactly what we are learning in the new nutrition focused learning course I’m currently learning from and getting certifying in. 

That moment when you realize you have transition to a mostly plant based diet and actually LOVE eating the foods! That's a big freaking deal! No I’m not vegan, I still eat animal meat and dairy, but most of my meals, LOOK LIKE the picture above now! A new to me recipe from our Fixate Cooking Show available on Beachbody On Demand: Fitness and nutrition online streaming. 

My meals consist of Kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, quinoa, asparagus, cucumbers carrots, bell peppers and more. They all fill my fridge every week! 10 years ago I would have gagged every bite down of this meal but now I can eat kale, spinach and other veggies without any resentment. 

For the longest time eating healthy was a punishment for being overweight or eating too many sweets or treats or a way to justify eating whatever I wanted later. Now food is my fuel. Foods that make my body function at its best and do good things for my body and helps support me in my daily workouts. And yes I’ll still have a doughnut or other sweets and treats occasionally but I’m learning healthier ways to make them and moderation / control so that I stay on track with my goals! 

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