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Monday, January 28, 2019

Tidying Up Your Fridge

I just #konmari my fridge! --well not many storage containers holding everything separately but still, it's super organized and clean! You know, from the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  This past month my family has not only have chosen the clothing that sparked joy in our closets but, I took it a step further and went to my fridge. Because really, does it bring you joy to open your fridge and see the options you have for yourself in there? If not...keep reading! 

How many times have you gone to the store and over spent on foods you didn’t really need or ended up having to throw out spoiled foods from good intentions that never happened or literally have ZERO space in your fridge because you keep eating out? We used to buy all the food and go out to eat (a lot more than we budgeted for) and wasting so much money, throwing out food that went bad because we spent our hard earned $$ on groceries and eating out. 2019 Is our year to make a change! 

BEST HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ORGANIZING TIP:  To keep your fridge organized and healthier foods in your house: Only buy the foods that you know you are going to eat and use and that are the best food for your body so that by the next time you have to go to the store, your fridge is ready to be filled! That’s exactly what happened to us this past week. Even Collin was saying “MOM! We need to go to the grocery store. There’s no food!” What he didn’t realize is that I had a plan and I stuck with it. 

Using everything we had before going back to the store:

Fully Stocked:

It’s about committing to your journey and keeping your family healthy! Changing your lifestyle takes discipline and consistency. You have to make that choice to make time to meal plan in advance. Include date night, or pizza night. Or even salad from Chic-for-a. What’s on the calendar is what’s going to happen. 

Additional Tips:
1) Make a grocery list that align with the foods you are going to make and only buy foods that are on your list. 

2) Stick to your meal plan by having meals or items prepped ahead of time or making sure that your meals are easy in the first place. Or have an easy backup meal ideas that still align with your goals. If I don’t want to cook we have a YO-YO Night (you’re on your own). Kids pick what they want (usually cereal) and I have my easy to make daily superfood filled shake. 

3) Be persistent in your consistency. Just like health & fitness. Dig your heels in. Remind yourself why you want to make this change! 
You can do this! 

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