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Friday, December 28, 2018

Get Cravings? Get Curious

Last night I had my first major cravings attack in almost a year. Like, ready to rip the doors off the fridge to get what I wanted, ain't nobody could stand in my way, kind of cravings. Honestly, it scared me because I haven't had to deal with these feelings in so long, so I GOT CURIOUS!

I had to take a step back and figure why the heck my cravings for ice cream, with hot fudge, salted caramel topped with walnut and a side of butter popcorn were calling to me.

I didn't have any of the items I wanted in my house and my hubs wouldn't go out and get it for me and since I'm still healing from my PRK lasik surgery, I wasn't about to go out either. So...the food was a no go, but I really wanted to know what was driving this major carb attack. Learn from it.

First, I got some water and drank about 16 oz to show my body, I really wasn't hungry. Maybe just thirsty, Then I realized, it's been almost 2 weeks of no exercise. My body is used to burning more energy and working more than it has been metabolism wise. My body WANTED something to burn, and fast! Also, I realized that I hadn't had enough veggies in my day to fill me up, so I actually got HUNGRY (ish) around 8pm. And generally when I get cravings, it always hits after 7. So... there's my answer. I didn't follow my eating plan as well as I should, so my body was going for something that was fast, easy, and would satisfy my sugar addiction.


I feel so empowered knowing that my body just needed something to do, but also learning that my body needs a little more filling foods (veggies) especially at dinner to help stave off later night cravings.

Next time a massive cravings hit, or you're about to have a binge fest, or maybe this is the day after, take some time to do the following:

1) DRINK WATER FIRST- before you ever give into any craving. You might just be thirsty. Also, the water will help fill you up just a little bit.

2) Stop and think -"How am I feeling right now?" Are you feeling sad, angry, upset, embarrassed, hurt, lonely, bored, excited? Any feelings. Take a minute just to think about it. Once you figure out your feelings, move to step 3.

3) Ask yourself- "Do I really need to eat this? If I do eat this, Will this help me get to my goals?" Yep, ask yourself and if you automatically say, "I DON'T CARE" That's bull crap! The fact that you are saying that, means that you do freaking care so don't say that again. Don't justify you reason saying you don't care when you do. There's something else going on. Again go back to your feelings. But when you stop and think, Do I really need to eat this and if I do, Will this help me get to my goals? you'll realize that it will go against what you need.

4) Pick something else instead- Keep your house stocked with fruits and veggies and go grab a fruit and a handful of nuts instead. Not only will you feel better about it and overcoming your craving's a better option. It's not about denying yourself something. t's actually about making better choices and healthier swaps that are life long.

5) Journal or write down everything you learned about your craving from the previous 4 steps. Keep a log of what you're craving, your feelings, and how you dealt with it. Do this enough times you are going to see a pattern. Think about his kind of information you are gathering on yourself. Your cravings and when and how it hits. EMPOWERING! This is how you make real change. You take steps to LEARN from it.

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