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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stop Cropping Photos To Hide Yourself

For years I was cropping myself in my pictures. Only showing my "better" half. Anything above my waist I felt was good proportion and acceptable to be seen. But what do I have now? A bunch of cropped photos that don't show the whole picture of me. And I REGRET all the cropping I did to my photos. Basically every single picture between 2005-2008 are cropped short.

During the time of cropping I was in denial about our fertility problems. I assumed that if I just got pregnant that everything would work out just fine. I would lose the baby weight from breastfeeding and then I would be skinny. And that was what I wanted. To be skinny like all the other girls around me. I was jumping from diet program to diet program just to try and lose weight as fast as I could. And often times, I lost weight, only to gain it back, plus some. I had a secret stash of candy in my house. I cheated on the diets all the time. I had a serious addiction to eating doughnuts and over ate way too often. So my solution was to crop out the "fat part of me" and leave my smile.
Speaking of the smile. On the outside, yeah, I seemed happy, but on the inside I hated how I looked. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without cringing. Far from what I wanted feel, sexy and attractive. I didn't even like to have my husband see me naked. Which didn't help with the trying to have a baby part of it.

Fast forward to now where I weight more than I did (don't even really know how much I weighed at the time because anytime I stepped on the scale I would hate myself and feel depressed for days. Which also meant more binge eating) Plus now, I have had 3 babies. But...what's different? I am actively working on my fitness and health. I eat better. I actually love how I look now because I see my strength. I feel strong. I feel powerful. I feel sexy and attractive. But am also being realistic with myself. I also know that there are areas that I want leaner. I want to be at a healthy body fat % not a weight or an idea of how "skinny" I have to be. And just because I have a ways to go in my weight loss journey I don't beat myself up over my weight or how I look anymore. I still enjoy desserts, or candy, but no where near the amount I used to eat. I have learned portion control. I have learned to eat in moderation. And I EAT TONS OF VEGGIES FOR FUN! I haven't magically lost the baby weight I gained while I was pregnant through breastfeeding any of my children. It is taking hard work, discipline and dedication to what I want to stay on track. All it took, was a mindset change. When I finally realized that I am beautiful both inside and out and the more I work on my inside to see the beauty I have the more I love myself on the outside. It's time to STOP THE CROP and love yourself as you are right now. Join me and post your favorite full length picture of you now over on Instagram and use the hashtags: #stopthecrop #CTDG
Not only am I more confident in my own skin, but you can see my body posture in my old pictures. I was hiding, myself or at least hide part of my body behind someone else. No more. Be beautiful and STAND OUT! #Stopthecrop!

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