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Friday, June 2, 2017

Tips To Staying Dedicated With Working Out At Home

Do you struggle with staying motivated and dedicated to working out at home? I hear from people every day, "I can't workout at home I have to be at the gym" But what if you can't go back to the gym for money reasons. It can be a hard transition to most, especially new moms who can't get back into the gym after having a kid. I personally stopped using the gym after having my second kid because one of my kids would get sick, then the next and before I knew it, 2 weeks had gone by where I couldn't go to the gym because of sick kids.

Thus came my need to transition to working out at home. Now I exercise on my own time, with or without the kids. And I am still getting a great workout! Check out the following tips to help you stay motivated with working out at home.

Find an exercise program that you LOVE! 
This is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Beachbody on Demand. With over 32 full programs to choose from and 500 actual exercises there has to be something that I will enjoy doing. And you don't have to do 1 specific program. You can pick and choose what you want to do! Plus there is a the Challenge Du Jour that has a different program to do every day while still following a weekly workout schedule of cardio, upper body workout, lower body workout, stretching, strength training and so forth.
Keep a tracker
Use a tracker to help you stay on track with your goals. Drinking enough water every day. Eating enough veggies. Keep a food log. Use something, anything to help you stay on track.

Have a LAST DAY goal
Start with a 30 day goal and have a non food related reward in place that you get when you complete your 30 days. New workout outfit, new tank, new clothing, purse, shoes, whatever you want and will work toward. Make it your reward for kicking ass in the month!

LOVE and CELEBRATE Non Scale Victories
Pants feeling loser. shirts not tight at your belly anymore. Rocking your swimsuit. Being able to chase your kids and not feel winded. Getting up and down without any pain. These are examples of non scale victories. Celebrate each and everyone. Because these are what count and help you keep going especially on those days that your excuses pop into your head!

Stay Positive
There are going to be days that you struggle with your workout. That's ok. Those days are the days that you will grow more and feel more accomplished after your workout. Remember why you are doing this and what your goal is at the end of your 30 days.
Have Support
Get a workout buddy to help keep you accountable. When you have someone to keep you accountable you will reach your goals. I have my free group and specifically my EXCLUSIVE group, which you get automatic entry to when you join my programs! It filled with women who want a buddy, need accountability and daily motivation to keep them going every single day. It's different than my free group as it has my personal tools, more tips and advice to help you stay on track, plus access to me as your personal motivator and supporter.

Want more daily motivation and inspiration just like this? Click here to join my private online community where you get info, tips, support and encouragement + a free gift with tips to help you get started with the right mindset for healthier nutrition choices TODAY!
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