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Monday, May 1, 2017

New Month - New Fitness Program: P90X3

Happy May!!! It's a new month and I still have the same goals, but I am just going to go about reaching those goals in a different way! 

I am stuck. My progress is stalled. My body is in pure maintenance mode right now and I don't want to maintain. I feel like I am telling you more than showing you that I can actually make these changes. And if I can't change, how can you expect to. I do not like my current body shape, size or how I feel. My body aches. My body gets tired. I am fit but...My body is holding me back to what I can really reach and in the end it is my choices in food that is holding me back.

But that all changes this month and for whatever reason May always seems to be the month that I get my butt in gear and WORK IT! Maybe it is because summer is almost here. Not sure what it is but...It was May 2012 after Mason was born that I started with my nutritionist and the weight just fell off. It was May 2013 that I suffered my second miscarriage and gained excess weight and started running to lose it. It was May 2015 that after I started seeing a counselor and getting back into exercise after my 3rd miscarriage that almost took my life and started my weight loss journey again to get me out of my depression. Now it's May 2017 and again, I am buckling down and will finally stop telling you about my weight loss goals but SHOW you too! I might have made bad choices in the kitchen the last 2 months but that doesn't mean I give up. That means I work harder in putting the right foods in my mouth and the right portion sizes. To finally stop making excuses because my excuses snowball. And to start pushing play or doing something even on on the days that I just don't want to.
This month I am going to be starting a new program: P90X3! Yep! You read that right. I am going to be doing a P90X program! But this one in particular is that you still get the results of a P90X program but in only 30 minutes a day. Which is totally doable for this busy stay at home working momma of 3! It is just high intensity for the 30 minutes and you have to BRING IT for the 30 minutes! Going to the best of your level and ability every day! 

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