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Monday, October 31, 2016

10 Tips For A Healthy Halloween

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. Not only did I get free candy but to me it was the start of the Holiday Season. Meaning I get to spends lot of time with extended family and EAT AMAZING FOOD! It was my excuse to eat whatever I wanted because it was the holidays. Don't let yourself get caught up in the craze of holidays that you forget about your health. Start today, on HALLOWEEN with making smarter choices. To not let yourself go crazy over the next 2 months. Make your health and wellness your priority and worth it. Here are 10 tips to help you and your children have a healthier Halloween, because, your kids are going to come away with TONS of candy, and it is not only a temptation for you having in the house but think about how many empty calories your kids are going to be eating over the next week or so or however long it takes to go through their candy. 

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1) Talk to your kids first and foremost about how much candy is enough. Kids like the idea of candy but do they really need all that candy? Talk to them first and say, we are only going to this one neighborhood this year. Also tell them that they can not empty their bag and start over. It is one bag only and explain how much they will get.

2) Find a smaller neighborhood and just go there. Or just go trick or treating at a local church. When you get home have them help pass out some candy or only go and see their friends house in the neighborhood.

3) Line their trick or treating bag with batting or decorations. (Trick I do with our pass out candy!) (Pictured at top)

4) Fill the bottom of their bag with fruit, or make arrangements with a neighbor to give them fruit (you provide the fruit) Make that your first stop so that their bag is weighted down and so the fruit (apples and oranges) take up more room.

5) Make a "fill to this line only" line on their bag or bucket. Once the candy reaches that line, they are done.

6) Buy a smaller trick or treating bag. Invest in a customized one that just doesn't hold as much candy as the buckets do.

7) Talk about what you are going to do with all the candy. Make a pre-planned schedule as to when they will get their candy. Reward for doing chores? Or a sticker system?

8) Make a game with the costume characters you see.

9) Hand out non candy items like temporary tattoos, pencils, stickers or Halloween rings

10) Limit the amount of time going trick or treating to get less candy for the kids

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