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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little Bit of a Set Back

Recovery from having a baby is unpredictable and hard! When you think you are all better, BAM! you take 2 steps back and have to take it easy again. It all started with the run on Saturday. Now 4 days later I am still having "problems" and having to just take it easy. I have been sick to my stomach, not really hungry at all, and other problems. I am 6 weeks postpartum and thought that I would be through with all the post baby stuff but nope! So here I rest because when I do too much it bites me in the butt! ARGH!

It is all worth it though, I love Collin, and I would go through this again to bring such a sweet angel into this world. It is just hard when you want to actually go running and chase after your toddler whom you also love very much. Balance is the key!
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