Thursday, April 20, 2017

Introducing Vegan Vanilla Shakeology and Vegan Café Latte

Earlier this month Beachbody introduced 2 BRAND NEW Shakeology flavors that have been much anticipated! We are adding 2 new vegan flavors to the mix giving a wider variety to our vegan choices and making it a total of 9 flavors to enjoy!

Flavors of Shakeology Now Include:

Vegan Chocolate
Vegan Tropical Strawberry
Vegan Vanilla
Vegan Café Latte
Café Latte

Check out more details on the 2 newest flavors and you can check out all the ingredients in the newest flavors HERE in this Complete Collection of Shakeology Ingredients list
Vegan Vanilla Info
 Vegan Café Latte Info
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tips To Help Prevent 2nd Day Soreness

How many times have you started a new workout program, so excited, super motivated and ready to give it your all, and you do. But then the next day you are so sore you can't raise your hands up over your head, or sitting down on the toilet is the worst pain you have ever felt in your life?

How can you avoid that shock to your body that makes you stop dead in your tracks from exercising the next day and the day after that because of 2nd day sorenessOr DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)?
1) Don't go 100% full out on day 1 of your workout, especially if you haven't been exercising regularly or at all for awhile. Allow your body to acclimate. Allow your body to get used to what you are doing. Otherwise you are going to literally shock the crap out of your body and you will be so sore the next day. Give 80% effort so that you can let your body get back into the groove of exercise.

2) Slow down to watch and feel for correct form. You do not have to keep up with the trainer. If you are just getting back into it you need to slow down on the moves, and focus on your form so that you are doing each and every move correctly and safely. Otherwise your chances of injury are increased. Also listen for cues from your trainer or instructor on what mucles are being used during each move. They often say, "you should feel this in your butt, mid back, legs." And make sure that you are feeling the move in those areas, and not really anywhere else. Like lunges, should workout your legs and hip flexors. If you are feeling it in your chest, and aren't doing it as a combined move, then check your form!

3) Go light on the weights. Don't start out with heavy weights on day one. Start with 0 weights, or light weights again to let your body acclimate to what you are doing.

4) Don't be afraid to modify the moves. Most of Beachbody's workouts have a modifier. Most gyms in classes will show modifications. You are still going to get a killer workout, even doing modifications, especially if you haven't been exercising regularly. As you get stronger, gain more endurance you won't be modifying as much. I am still modifying some moves in my workouts. Not all anymore, but some of them.
5) Make sure you are getting in a good enough stretch at the end. Even if that means doing more stretching after your workout is over, after a class or later that night. Holding each stretch for a good 30 seconds to allow your muscles to relax into it. And stretching the next morning helps too.

6) IF you are super sore the next day...WORKOUT MORE! I know it sounds backwards but really, If you are sore, workout more. Exercising helps to lose those muscles back up. Move around the lactic acid. Helps you recover a little faster. The first time my trainer said to do that I thought he was crazy, but within 5 minutes I was feeling better and at the end of the 30 minutes, I could walk normally without pain.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

5 Survival Tips For New Moms

Being a new mom, there are things that just have to happen. The baby takes center court in your new little world but there are a few tips for new moms that I wish I knew about when I had my first son. I think some of these come with time and reflection back on what happened. So here is my advice to any new mom.

1) Mommy comes first. You might not understand why this happens until you have a baby, but often times moms come in last place. We are just so busy we actually forget about ourselves. The baby starts to cry and first things first mom will pick up the baby to sooth the baby and then you are tending to baby until they fall asleep or calm down. Let's just say it is 2am. You were woken up from a light sleep, yes light because that is the mommy way, and your baby starts crying. Do you, A) pick baby up, change diaper and start feeding baby or B) you go to the bathroom first. B! Moms, go to the bathroom and drink some water before you start changing and feeding. Feeding can take time. Your baby will cry just a little longer while you take care of you. Same thing goes for showers. If you haven't had a shower in a couple of days because the hubs just returned back to work and every time you go to take shower and your baby starts to cry. Put the baby in a safe place and shower. You are not a bad mom for taking care of you. You are gonna take a fast shower but a fast shower is better than not taking a shower! I think of this as the oxygen mask scenario on a flight. You are told to put your mask on first then assist someone else. This is true because you have to take care of you first before you can take care of someone else. It's ok.

2) Eat, and eat right. As a new mom in the first month especially, I often forgot to eat a healthy meal, or eat in general. I would miss eating lunch because I was either napping or feeding and by the time I woke up or thought about eating it was too late. Make sure you always have a healthy snack by your bed so you can snack while nursing or feeding the baby. Doesn't matter if you are breast feeding or formula feeding make sure you are eating healthy snacks. I try to keep a container of nuts next to my bed and a huge glass of water. Keep greek yogurt in the fridge too that is a great little snack packed with protein. Also, in the first month you are probably going to be receiving food from someone. Try to keep fresh greens and fruit fully stocked in your fridge. You could possibly be eating a lot of casseroles, (since they are easy to make and are easy to take) and you want to make sure you are eating your greens and fruit. And indulging is perfectly ok too. I look at the first 4-6 weeks as recovery and chocolate is definitely welcome in this household!
3) YOU MUST TAKE SOME MOMMY ALONE TIME. I didn't have this luxury when our first son was born because my husband was deployed to Iraq when Mason was 3 days old. But what I should have done was called someone over from church or a friend and have them watch Mason for 30-60 minutes a week so I could get some much needed time to myself. This is so important because this will allow you to feel like you again. You don't even have to leave your house A bath is great, or maybe yoga in your bedroom is just what you need but you will need and should take some "mommy quiet time" as we call it here in our house. Even a trip to the grocery store by yourself is so amazing. This helps you decompress from the stress and demands a new baby can put on you and you might not even realize that you were in need of a short break. If you have your hubs or significant other around have him hold the new baby and you go do what you need for 30 minutes. It creates that bonding time for him and baby and it helps the them realize just how hard you work. 1 day a week. 30-60 minutes, that's it! I promise it will help you feel like you again!
4) Water, Water and more water. I have already mentioned it twice but water is so important. You need water. After you have a baby you loose a lot of fluids. You must replenish those fluids. And even to breast feed you need extra water. Water makes milk. Plan on drinking a ton of water. If you haven't already, try to cut back on pop or sugar drinks. Use the flavor packets to flavor your water if you need, but I find that I actually crave water and enjoy the taste especially in the first month of brining baby home. I always have a 32 ounce cup of water next to my bed when I go to sleep at night, and that thing is gone by the time I wake up in the morning. Every time you feed, drink about 8 ounces of water. It is just a really great habit to be in but your body will need the extra water. Also, remember though that in the first days after having baby drinking prune juice is great to help keep the plumbing working and cranberry juice to help fight against UTI's. So I often dilute these with water. But just make sure that the staple for drinks in your diet is water.
5) Get outside! Try to avoid having cabin fever. Just sit outside on your porch when you feel up to it after baby. And after a week or two, try to go on a short walk. It will be so good for you and so good for baby because you will get the vitamin D you have been lacking being stuck indoors and you won't get cabin fever. We often feel tied down with a new baby and getting out helps us get grounded and feel free. Don't over do it though on your first outing. I always felt weak, my whole body, like I have no muscle strength at all. So, it is ok if you feel winded and out of shape. You just had a baby. But get out and enjoy that stroll around the block with your new baby in the buggy and all of your neighbors flocking over to you to meet the new little bundle of joy!
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stuck Trying To Lose Weight?

I have lost track with how many times I have "tried to lose weight" and failed at it miserably. But I never really did fail did I? That F word, fail, is the wrong word to describe your weight loss journey or fitness journey. Think of it more as a stumble because with all the times that you came back and are trying again. Never giving up. Never stopping. But keep going. Trying again, against the odds that you have stacked up against yourself. Why? Because you know deep down that you are worth it to keep trying. That the results you want to achieve are worth it and deep down you freaking know you can do it!
Guess what? I have known all along that you can do it. Because I believe that anyone can accomplish anything that they work so hard to achieve.

BUT HERE IS THE THING: Results don't come from doing 1 workout 1 time a week. STOP half-assing your workout and WORK! They don't come from eating 1 salad a day and calling it good. They don't come from eating healthy for a week, then having 1 indulgent meal that was too indulgent, where you felt guilty, then just said, "Oh well. I'll start again on Monday." Results happen when you stop making excuses. When you work your ass off in your workout. When you say no to eating processed crap that is labeled as healthy. When you start putting whole fruits and veggies, rice, whole wheat bread (if you have to have bread) eating broccoli a few nights a week even though you don't really like it. Eating chicken, again, or eggs because you want to reach your results. And doing everything in your power to reach your results. Results happen when you WORK at it. You have to be diligent. You have to be persistent. You have to say no to the things you want and do the things you know you should be doing.

And I'm not saying this to be mean. I need to hear it too. I have PCOS which means my body processes insulin differently. I could use that as my excuse to why I am not losing weight. My body processes sugars differently making it much harder for me to lose weight. BUT I DON'T! The doctor recommendation is to do a low carb diet. But the thing is...WE NEED CARBS, just the right kinds. A low carb diet is not a NO CARB DIET but eating the right kids of carbs and the right amount of carbs so we can lose weight! So that means no breads, but sticking with oatmeal, quinoa, rice. That's it. Those are the only carbs I should be eating. I love bread with jelly. But if I want my results, I have to say "buh-bye" to toast with jelly. I have to stop my excuses and just do it and I know that when I do, I WILL LOSE WEIGHT! And you can too!
So today...what are you going to decide? Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life, change your life, around the answer. Are you going to bust your ass in your workout. Be sweating at the end? Sore? tired? Are you going to say no to eating sandwiches? And choose to eat healthy lean chicken breast with a side of quinoa or brown rice, an extra large salad WITHOUT dressing (just use a balsamic vinegar and oil, or red wine vinegar with a little oil is good too!) And getting in your fruits too. Saying no to sweets at your office or kids snacks at your home. It is time to just decide that today, you are ready for a new start and you are going to do it! SO DO IT!
Tough love brought to you by me, but this post right here, is what I NEEDED to hear.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FREE 5 Day Workout With Me Challenge

This past Monday in my private Facebook group we have a weekly Monday Fit Tip and Q&A chat. I also shared my FREE challenge for the month that takes place inside that same group! Beginning April 17 we will be running a FREE 5 day WORK OUT WITH ME challenge in the Connect The Dots To Your Healthy, Fitness and Life FREE online support community
Are you having a hard time finding your soulmate workout program? Or just getting that drive to workout daily?  

Getting started and finding the right workout program is KEY to wanting to stick with exercise. It has to be fun. It has to excite you. And it has to drive you to want to keep working out. The week ofApril 17 for 5 days, you can see what type of exercise you enjoy doing the most to help you find a program you love, stick with it, and get ready for this summer.


~Daily workout that changes programs each day, either workout with me live or at a time of your choosing
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~Sweaty selfies
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To find the motivation and program that keeps you EXCITED and want to continue on your journey! 

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~At the end of the week I will choose 2 people who participated the most to receive a complimentary copy of my Connect The Dots to your Health Fitness and Life Guide.

*Must have at least the FREE TRIAL of Beachbody on demand to participate as we will be doing the different workouts from the member library only.*

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fruit Infused Water

Loving making fruit infused water this week to help with some excess bloat and to help naturally flavor my water without excess sugar or sweeteners.

Check out some recipes below for your next fruit infused water recipe.

What I am enjoying right now:

Warm lemon water: 
Warm lemon and juice of 1 lemon
Blueberry and lime infused water: 
Frozen blueberries and lime

Check out some more recipes! 
Grapefruit, cucumbers and basil
Raspberries and lime
Blueberries and oranges
Lemon and Strawberries (possibly mint on top too!)
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Lack of Sleep Making You Crave Sweets? Tips To Combat Cravings

Being a new mom is hard because we run on very little sleep. But here's the thing. Little sleep doesn't just magically disappear once the baby turns 1. I am still dealing with my 2, almost 3 year old and sometimes my 5 year old calling out for me in the middle of the night! Lately I feel like I have Murphy's Mom Law, the moment I start to fall asleep, one of my children call for me. Right now Elyse is waking 3 times a night for a feeding, and Collin at least once. Mason once in a blue moon. It never ends. And with the lack of sleep and going on fumes the next day trying to keep up with my busy brood, I have to stick by some rules to combat reaching for the sweets to get me through the day! 


BECAUSE sweets and sugar, glucose, is a FAST BURNING energy source. And we have trained our body to want sweets and treats and carbs to help give us energy fast because it does. That is why within minutes you feel that pick me up in energy after eating a Snickers. Most of the commercials for Snickers are actually about this if you think about it. They show someone grumpy, hangry, tired, and they have a snickers and BAM! FULL OF ENERGY! Because they body is taking that glucose and burning it faster than a burning sparkler at the 4th of July. 

I did a live video in my FREE online support community which you can CHECK OUT HERE

1) DON'T HAVE THE SWEETS IN THE HOUSE! If you are struggling with learning how to cut sweets the first step is to stop buying them. DECIDE NOW that you are done with them. Make a commitment to yourself that you are done! Finish what you have now. But then just don't buy them any more, or at least as often. Often times the sweets end up in the house because our spouse or partner wants them. Snacks for kids. Or leftovers from a get together. But now it is time to ditch the sweets. Talk to your spouse about how you are struggling with the sweets and agree together that you won't be bringing them into the house as often any more. If you have extended family in your house and they are the ones bringing it in, talk to them too! Let them know your struggle. They should want to support you. Ask them to keep their sweets or treats in their own room, or on a specific shelf that isn't yours but their own. Sounds silly, but it needs to be done if you want to stick with your goals.

2) MEAL PLANNING! When you meal plan you will have healthier choices in your house. You will know exactly what you are eating for what meal and you won't have the cravings as much for sweets as you think. Following the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, you are eating the right kinds of foods. You are eating the right portion of foods, you won't be left hungry. And when you combine that with Shakeology, that helps to cut the cravings too. Because your body is truly getting all the right types of fast and slow burning foods it needs to help you feel satisfied and sustained. Cravings just don't happen when you are feeling content and not hungry. Plus with Shakeology you are getting all the vitamins and minerals, pro and prebiotics, digestive enzymes your body needs to truly meet the needs and not want any more. Take the time 1 day a week to plan out your meals. This is WEEK 1 in my 30 Days To A Healthy Lifestyle Change Program. Learning the importance of meal planning, how to do it and become proficient using daily action steps to reach your goals in my program workbook.
3) EXERCISING! No joke. And exercise early in the day so that you are driven the rest of the day to make better choices. When you exercise you tend to make better choices. This goes into the old "diet" way of thinking, "I'm exercisingI have to eat well." That is probably the one good way of thinking we have, even though we aren't dieting but making a lifestyle change. But think about it. When you exercise you are more prone to eat better for the rest of the day.

4) LIVE THE 80/20 RULE! If I don't have sweets at least once a week, I will go on a major binge fest and eat up all the sugar I can find, even straight up sugar you guys! Or when I go to the store I will automatically get a CRAP candy bar, or 2 or 3 and just devour them to get my "fix". Sugar is as addictive as heroin. I work through every day dealing with my sugar addiction. And if I let my guard down even just a little. I will give in to it and I don't want to anymore! Allow yourself 1 day a week to indulge in a treat, or salty foods or whatever it is you are craving. Know that you get 1 meal a week, GUILT FREE, to eat whatever you want to eat! GUILT FREE! One hamburger and dessert is not going to kill your results. It is the excessive eating of them that will. Also become a food snob. Thanks to Shakeology for upgrading my taste buds to only want the finer tasting things in life, most common sweets just don't do it for me. I go for the expensive stuff. For two reasons. I am less likely to buy it often because it costs more money and the other, because it is often made with better ingredients. Real ingredients. And not some lab created, empty calorie chemicals!
5) SWAP OUT YOUR CRAVINGS FOR HEALTHIER OPTIONS! Instead of grabbing a cookie swap it out for a healthy treat. Some ideas for swaps.

  • Swap out a cookie and eat some grapes. They are the sweets, most easy to find cheap fruit you can get your hands on. Try them frozen too. They are yummy as a great treat to cool down with. 
  • Thinly sliced apple dipped in 1-2 tsp peanut butter. (melt the peanut butter and drizzle it over the apples, yum! 
  • Try organic carrots, they actually taste sweeter than regular carrots (IMHO). 
  • Make homemade kale chips with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt on them. Healthy and a little salty treat. 
  • Air popped popcorn (but remember portion sizes!) add seasoning instead of butter
What are some other healthy swaps you can think of. Comment below with you ideas to share with everyone! 

6) TRY TO GET TO BED 1 HOUR EARLIER THAN YOU HAVE BEEN! This is easier said than done with kids sometimes. But I often find that I relish in the quietness of the house when the kids are sleeping in their beds and I just stay up too late. Getting to bed generally around 11pm. Even now as I am writing this it is 10:29pm. But getting to bed even just 30 minutes earlier means just a little more sleep for you! Remember, catching up on shows can wait. Cleaning your house, making it spotless can wait. Your sanity and healthy can not.

In the end, you have to be steadfast in your decision to not give into sweets. Think about how they only gave you a few moments of bliss in your life, but then how you felt and how you are today. For me, I am a sugar addict. And if I give in too much at once, I'm a goner and it twice as hard next time to cut them out of my life again. And Remember, at some point in your journey, you will get there where they can be back in your house. Because they don't do it for you. You don't enjoy them. And they are treats for your hubs and kids. But not for you. Because you decided against it and you don't want to give in now. Be consistent. Be steadfast. And you will kick the cravings, even when you are exhausted!

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Elyse Cheyenne: 6 Months

Baby girl is officially half a year old! CRAZY Thought but man, time is just speeding by. She is getting so big and feisty and her personality...SHE IS A SPITFIRE! She is a generally well tempered baby, but she has found her voice when she wants to. And it is a specific cry of "MOM! COME GET ME!" that she really wails on! Gotta love her though.
13 pounds 6.8 ounces
24.25 inches tall

Her favorite activity: Watching her brothers. You can tell that she just loves them so very much because she allows her big brother to carry her around the house. And she loves getting hugs, kisses and attention from them. She still doesn't roll from back to front. But she has gone up onto all 4's prepping for crawling. She will sit tripod with her hands bracing her on the ground but she just prefers to be on her belly and watch that way, or have her oldest brother hold her. She isn't too picky.

6 months here and gone. I am so blessed that this little sweet pea is part of our family. I am striving every single day to be the best example for her. So that I can show her why having a healthy body is so important and to love yourself no matter what. In the end. I want to be the best example for her to help her not have to through what I went through as a teen. 

Kisses for mommy

She even joined me in a couple workout videos: 

My mini-me!

March 23 she got up onto all 4's! Her first yoga pose! Momma's so proud!!

Kisses for brother
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

FREE Health & Fitness Online Support Community

I AM SO EXCITED! My FREE health and fitness private daily motivation, inspiration and education group to help women find balance in their every day life by connecting the dots to their fitness, health and life has reached 100 members! And there is still plenty of room to grow!
This Group is FOR YOU if:
  • you know you deserve to live a life that has more balance and you can’t wait to wake up to & are making it happen/are ready to make it happen
  • are a busy mom struggling to fit a healthy lifestyle into your life around your family
  • struggling to fit workouts in daily
  • struggling with healthy eating and how to make it work
  • you want to feel amazing
  • you want more out of life
  • you are committed to succeeding and refuse to quit because YOU DESERVE IT
  • you are an action taker
  • you want to be surrounded by a community of women who want more out of life
  • you share & give value to others

Ready to join the community yet? Request to join by CLICKING HERE
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elyse's Double Frenectomy

Last Monday we finally took Elyse to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get her checked for a tongue tie. I personally have one, the ENT called it a tethered tongue and when I was 13, just before I had my braces put on, I had to get my frenulum cut off.

A frenectomy is simply the removal of the frenum in the mouth. A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues. There are two frena (plural form of frenum) in the mouth that can sometimes require the need to be removed. One of the frena connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the others connect the inside of your upper and lower lip to your gums.
My frenulum under my upper lip was cut because I had a MASSIVE gap between my two front teeth and the frenulum would have hindered my teeth closing by braces.  I also have a tongue tie but at the time, the ENT didn't clip it, should have but it wasn't medically necessary.
With each of our kids, I asked our pediatrician to check for tongue ties because of my condition, since they have my smile and all. But the pediatrician said that they weren't severe enough to require it. After talking with another doctor and realizing that the pain I was having while nursing on one side wasn't normal we decided to have Elyse checked. I never had any pain with the boys, but looking back I believe the reason why Collin wasn't as good at nursing was because he is also tethered quite a bit which led to him weaning way earlier than I wanted at 9 months old.
While at the appointment the doctor confirmed that she did have a tongue tie and she was clipped right then and there in the office. Easy little procedure and right when it was done she nursed right away, PAIN FREE! It was the first time since she was born I didn't have any pain. And since, she has been thriving on the breast. There was very little bleeding from her, and my breastmilk helped to speed the healing.


1) Pain while nursing
2) Breast not being emptied efficiently or with effort
3) Dimple in the middle of the tongue when baby is sticking it out
4) Doesn't have a good range of motion with tongue
5) Square ended tongue

For the past week before every feeding, I have had to do a sweet under her tongue and under her lip to help promote movement and so that the tissue doesn't grow back together. Elyse obviously doesn't like it, but once she starts feeding she is fine. And if it is decided that this has to happen, it should happen before 6 months as that is when the frenulum start to thicken up more. We just barely caught the cut off. On a plus side, our little beauty has an even wider smile now!
We did have Collin checked but he is so much older, and the frena are thicker that it would require him to be sedated for the procedure and it would be cosmetic at this point unless it hinders with his speech and a speech pathologist recommends that he get it done. And so far, it isn't.

If you have concerns about if your child should have a tongue tie or not, speak with their pediatrician or check with an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

6 Months: Postpartum Update

Exercise: I am still doing most workouts of 21 Day Fix. Working more with focusing on form. I've been streaming all of my workings using the Beachbody On Demand with the all access pass. 

Weight: Pre-pregnancy weight:237.7. Weight morning of birth: 265. Current weight April 1: 243.9. I gained back the 2.8 pounds I lost the previous month. I was aiming for min of 2 pounds lost, max of 4. Honestly, I wasn't very good with my nutrition as I was eating too many yellow containers (carbs, even healthy carbs).
April Goals: I am still aiming to lose 1 pound a week since I am exclusively breastfeeding. 4 pounds would be great by the end of the month. Goal for eating is to follow the meal plan 90% of the time, not eating too many carbs this month even though I am allowing myself an extra yellow, but only when I truly need it. I am still allowing 1 meal a week to be not what I would normally eat. In all honestly, the accountability from sharing my journey and in my groups is what is keeping me going everyday. I have a natural drive to exercise and eat right, but I have even more of a kick to just KICK BUTT and show everyone that it is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding. (interested in joining my private support groups? Send me an email or comment below!)
Today is day 1 of my 30 Days To A Healthy Lifestyle Change in my EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group if you are interested in joining us and are ready to order CLICK HERE and I will send you an email with your materials and get you added to the group

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