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Thursday, March 19, 2020

FREE Fitness Activities and Workouts For Kids During Quarantine

Are you looking for workouts to do with your kids during PE time or just to get some balled up energy out of their system while stuck at home from the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic? 

Beachbody has got your back offering FREE ACCESS to our WORKOUTS FOR THE KIDS!!! Beachbody is such an amazing company to work with!! Click the link below to get access, and keep me posted which ones were your favorites!

“During this unprecedented time, we want to continue helping families stay healthy and sane by offering some fun ways to expend energy together. With schools out and no formal recess or P.E., we have decided to make a selection of Beachbody Kids Workouts, from Beachbody celebrity trainers Tony Horton, Shaun T and Leandro Carvalho, free for all to access with no Beachbody On Demand registration required. We hope you’ll use these workouts to make family fitness fun and a part of your daily routine.”--Carl Daikeler

CLICK HERE to access the workouts!!! 

🌟 🌟 HEY MOM's! Don't forget about you! If you need at home workouts, CLICK THIS LINK to get your membership to our online health and fitness Online Library with over 800 workouts to help you take some time for yourself, working out at home so you can feel your best too! Our 3 month membership also gives you 2 Weeks Free before you card is even charged!!! BONUS! 

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Basic Food Storage Tips To Get You Started

Ready to stock up for multiple days at home to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. It's time to head to the store and stock up wisely on the essentials you really need.

🌟Biggest tip, think about every thing you truly need --not want---for the next 2-3 weeks.

🌟 Frozen fruits and veggies are a must. They help you stay on track with your fruits and veggies. You can also blend them in a blender for an easy yummy green smoothie. Our kids love the Daily Sunshine that also has a serving of fruits and veggies in every cup. That way my kids are still getting the vitamins and minerals their bodies need.

🌟 There are some fresh veggies that last up to a month in your fridge or counter. Spaghetti squash can sit on your counter. Turnips and whole heads of cabbage will last for a month in your fridge.

🌟 Stock up on chicken, and beef, fish or tempeh. Whatever normal proteins you eat, freeze them to use for later. Also quinoa is also a great source of plant based protein. Shakeology is my easiest and fastest source for protein, vitamins and minerals to keep me on track health wise.

🌟 Shelf stable dairy is a great alternative to fresh milk. Buy cartons and keep them on the shelf until you open them up. I'm personally hoping my kids don't notice a difference. Also cheese freezes really well! Evaporated milk can also be an alternative to milk. You will need to add water to it as it's concentrated. 50:50 ratio of water to evaporated milk.

🌟 Basic essentials are a must as well. Yes, toilet paper is an essential but, you also need: toothpaste, hand soap, cleaning supplies like counter cleaner, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, over the counter medicine, feminine hygiene products and shampoo and conditioner. My tips, buy 2 of everything.

🌟 Alternative fuel sources. Keep eating at home fun and exciting with different ways to cook. We love grilling and with spring here, we can get out and grill more. Make sure you have a couple bags of charcoal. A couple cans of propane and plenty of wood to make this happen. Again, buy 2 of everything.

🌟 Last tip, make sure your cars have gas in them. Invest in a couple gas cans and fill those up just in case. You never know. But at least you will have it on hand.

BONUS: Make a plan before you head to the store so that you have a clear idea of what you are getting and have enough room to store these items.

BONUS:  Meal plan if you can and plan to make large freezable meals. I make large freezer meals but store them in my freezer in 8x8 foil pans. I only take the single 8x8 pan I need, have less leftovers and can alternate when we have the other servings so that we don't get tired of having the same thing for multiple days in a row. This allows us to have more variety without variety.

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Monday, March 2, 2020

March Madness For Health And Fitness | Support And Accountability Group

It's March, and while everyone else is filling out their brackets for their teams, I thought we would change things up and do a Health and Fitness Bracket! Really, it's more to work towards a big goal to accomplish this month using our online fitness library, nutrition programs and support and accountability you get in my group! Plus PRIZES are up for grabs again this month!

What I recommend, our BRAND NEW LOW IMPACTS Barre Workout Program you can do at HOME! Barre Blend by Beachbody with Super Trainer Elise Joan. With already well over 1 million views on our streaming service this program is ON FIRE! And there's still time to join us in the group!

What you get: 
🌟 Early access to the BRAND NEW PROGRAM BARRE BLEND--> Includes: 4 getting started videos, 2 prep workouts, 40 workout program videos, 3 bonus recovery vides, and 5 enhancements videos. No barre needed,  just need a sturdy chair or counter to get started. Optional tools: 1-2 pound weights, resistance loops.
🌟 Full access FOR A WHOLE YEAR to the entire fitness library, with over 800 workouts, recipes, trainer tips, meal plans and exclusive workouts.
🌟 30 day supply of our daily superfood, nutrient dense shake for a fast, easy and yummy shake to help start to get your nutrition on track
🌟🌟 FREE GIFT (while supplies last)--> 1 FREE BOX of our LIMITED FLAVOR Pumpkin Spiced Latte Superfood nutrient dense shake in addition to your 30 day bag.
🌟 Private chat group with access to me and the other ladies starting Barre Blend this month for the support you need to get started right.
🌟 Access to my Exclusive virtual gym and online tracker app for accountability and motivation.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Staying On Track With Health and Fitness Goals While Traveling | Simplified Packing Tips

This post contains affiliate links.

I'm on an impromptu 10 day mommy-cation right now and it's been amazing. It originally was intended to help my parents, post an intense surgery for my dad, but surgery got bumped and my flight could not so, now I'm helping out with pre surgery stuff. But, regardless of what I was going to be doing, I was determined to stay on track with my health and fitness goals, and how I packed all my stuff in just 1 medium suitcase.

1) Plan to do laundry. Pack half of what you need and plan to do laundry midway through. I packed 5 days of clothing, and 5 days of workout clothing. It's laundry day for me today, right on schedule.
2) Keep to your routine as much as you can. Pack your supplements, pre workout and post workout drink mixes just like you would use at home. You can pre portion out what you have, or to avoid getting a pat down in the airport if you carry them on with you so they don't open in your luggage, stock up on the pre-packaged versions that are sealed. I didn't have enough time to plan ahead and order our single serve packs so, I got to know the TSA agent really well. Oh and new for me, flying is dehydrating and since I'm already "dehydrated" per my FitTrack Dara Smart Scale at 36% I'm trying to stay on top of it by adding Liquid IV to my water post flight.
3) Be in charge of your health by packing healthier snacks and going to the grocery store when you arrive. You can travel with veggies. I carried on apples, mini bell peppers, carrots and my take and go trail mix (1T pumpkin seeds, 1T cranberries, 12 almonds and 1T chocolate chips (totally optional but I love me some chocolate). When you arrive GO TO THE STORE, multiple times if you have to. If you have a mini fridge just get smaller items, and plan to go to the store every couple days. I even only got the basics and plan to go to the store 1 more time to keep me stocked with a salad kit for easy lunches, snack-able veggies and fruits. My favorite snackable fruits and veggies, mini bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, southwestern salad kit from Trader Joes, apples, strawberries and I also bought a pack of spinach to eat with my breakfast and add to the salad kit to make it go further.
4) Only bring what you truly need. It's so easy as women to pack your entire bathroom but there just isn't room for that. I'm sticking with the basics of what I need to look and feel like me even when out of town. I packed a medium curing iron, my flat iron, cause my hair can get all sorts of crazy, and just the essential in make up. My small pallet from Bobby Brown Makeup, my eyebrow color and brush, mascara, and of course something to remove all your make up like the new Neutrogena Naturals Purifying MakeupRemover Wipes. Plus my leave in moisturizer by Cibu that I use after a shower and in between showers, and my cariPRO electric toothbrush. Toothbrushes have come a long way to carry long lasting charges and this one will hold a 30 day charge when fully charged and won't lose any of its speed or power when not charged frequently. (GIVEAWAY TO WIN A FREE $120 VALUE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH CLOSING SOON CLICK HERE TO ENTER!)

5) Pre-Plan out your workouts just as you would at home. Benefit of my online streaming fitness library is that it goes everywhere with me, plus I can pre-download workouts incase I don't have access to good Wifi or cell service. That means I don't have to miss a beat in my workout program and neither do you! Use the gym at your hotel, make space in your room move the furniture around, take your workout outside, get a day pass at the local gym just make it an effort to just get it done!

In the end, it takes a little extra effort to stay on track while out of town. But it isn't impossible. You are worth the effort. You are worth your goals to stay on track. And if anything, by sticking with your health and fitness, most of the time while away, and you still indulge on dinners or have an extra dessert or 2, you won't come home in a bigger hole but at least right where you were when you left of progress!

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Post Super Bowl Hangover | 5 Tips to Recover FASTER

Who else enjoyed that amazing game last night?!? Some of us probably more than others, I'm sure. Even me, guys I went in to yesterday knowing it was not going to be a weight loss day and I'm okay with that. Because we had all the fixin's for the game, pizza, ice cream, candy, Doritos, and more! I didn't eat all of what we had, I stuck with pizza and ice cream but those 2 things together, my body didn't like. And I was right, this morning, I was up in my weight from where I was yesterday.

And I'm not beating myself up about it either! That is the first tip!

1) GUILT FREE ZONE! Turn off the guilt because holding onto guilt is the last thing that your mindset needs to deal with. No matter what happened last night, it happened. Time to just move past it. Because it's a new day today. You can't change what happened you can only change what you do from here on out.

2) GET BACK ON TRACK! Get your ass up and get your workout done! NOW! By the end of TODAY! Just do it. Don't think about it or how you are feeling sluggish or blah. Just go get it done and do the best that you can do. Because a little work is better than no work. And it's Monday! #nevermissamonday

3) DITCH THE LEFTOVERS! Do you have leftovers in your house from last night, just toss them. Get back to eating on track with the foods you know you should be eating, or check out my favorite list of foods that I choose from HERE. I know it's boring but opt for a salad today for lunch and pile on the extra veggies on your plate at dinner. The best thing your body needs right now is vitamins and minerals.

4) HYDRATE! Drink plenty of water today to help flush out the foods you ate yesterday. Extra points if you add a slice of lemon to help your body detoxify.

5) GET TO BED EARLY TONIGHT! Make it a point to go to sleep earlier than normal and catch up on some sleep. Granted the game didn't last too long last night but still, if you were like me I struggled getting to sleep at a good time. My plan, in my room around 8:30, curl up with my Outlander book (cause i'm in major "Drylander" mode right now hurry up season 5 premiere!) And aiming to be asleep by 9:30 tonight.

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