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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Life Isn't Perfect, NEITHER AM I!

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you see my workout highlights all the time. But let me tell you! Things are not always as they seem! The other day I found out that the horn player that sits right next to me had seen my page but didn’t realize that it was me until I showed a picture she recognized. The next question she asked me was, “How do you get your floors so clean?” To answer that, I clean them with Bona Floor Care once a week and spot clean during the week after my workouts. You know. To clean up the sweat. And honestly it’s just the floors themselves and the finish. They shine really well! 

But what really hit home with me is that per my videos it seems like I’ve got it all together. I have a perfectly clean house with 3 perfect kids. HA! That ain’t true my friends. I have a very lived in house. There’s even some writing on the walls in the basement and guest room I still have to scrub off or paint over. It’s easy for me to move the toys in my workout area. For safety too! And I have moments where I #gingersnap because my kids are fighting so much. The thing is, I make time every day to exercise and I share that with you. I’m not any different than you (and you could even do what I do and help others on their journey! Interested? EMAIL ME!) 

It doesn’t take anyone special, or some magic ability to be a stay at home working mom of 3 kids and 2 home businesses and volunteer weekly make time to exercise. 
You just have to make a plan. Find a space. DO IT and Make it work. With kids around you if you have to. You can do this! 

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