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Monday, June 11, 2018

Your Fitness Journey From The Inside Out

Your fitness journey is YOUR journey. And it is so much more than just the exercise you do. Have you ever struggled in the past with being consistent with your exercise? Have you struggled with loving your body as it is now. Do you just struggle some times. Every day that you choose to exercise though, you are changing your old habits. And it is HUGE. And it's a HUGE change!

WRITE IT DOWN! This is a huge! Write out how you are feeling. Every thing you are going through, feeling and thinking. Free write, or write about something in particular about, do it! Just start writing out how you are feeling. Because not every day is peaches and cream and I'd rather write out what I'm struggling with then keep it all bottled up eating away at me.

Daily journaling has become a part of my daily habits now as a way for me to release whatever I feel like is holding me back. And I love my new journal By Knock Knock because they have a variety of journals to help inspire you and what you choose to write about and a quote to help motivate and inspire. I need that sometimes.

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