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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Celebrate Your Small Victories

If you have been working hard on a new workout plan this month, or started a new workout schedule, CELEBRATE how far you have come this month! We made it! CELEBRATE that fact. That you stuck with your goals and challenge! That is a lot! And that is the step in the right direction to changing your lifestyle. To helping you get stronger physically and mentally. I am hoping that by today you are noticing the difference in your endurance and strength. Can you believe how far you have actually come since you started? Crazy how fast your body actually does adapt. 

It is totally great to celebrate the fact with how far you have come. I celebrate all non scale victories. Take the time to celebrate the small things in your journey. Because all of these little celebrations will add up to huge results and HUGE CELEBRATIONS! Be proud of the fact that you stuck with something. That you did this! So celebrate! Tell all your friends what you accomplished. Tell them that you did a plank for x amount of minutes, or that you ran 1 mile, or that you were able to survive an entire Zumba class, or that you made it through Chisel Agility without feeling like you were going to die. Share with the world because you can help to inspire someone who might be struggling in their journey. You never know who you can inspire. How awesome would it be if your friend told you, ”Because of you I didn’t give up!” Believe me, it will make your day! And you are sharing it forward! 

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