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Monday, June 15, 2015

Collin's First Haircut

Collin is growing up. And his hair is starting to grow like a weed right now. He has such light blond hair that it didn't really bother me with how long it was getting but he was long over do for a haircut. Mason got his first haircut at 8 months old. Collin is nearly 13 months.

So how did it go??? Not like how Collin normally is. Not like Mason's first haircut either where Mason just sat there calm as can be and didn't move or fuss. Collin would whip his head around looking to and fro trying to follow everything that was going on. And we had the screaming. Lots of screaming and tears were shed. But I will let the pictures explain it all. It is so amazing how different brothers really can be!

Oh he is so cute! We went with a simple little trim because I was going to be, and Gummy, was going to be so upset if he looked too grown up! But it is perfect! I love it and am so happy with how well they did considering how much he wiggled and cried and fussed and moved and avoided being worked on. It was highly amusing! Oh and the other lady that was working (we arrived just before closing time and there was no one else in there) she was blowing bubbles keeping Mason occupied! Worked so well!
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