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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Level Up Your Health In 2020 | Exclusive Accountability Group Access

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It's go time ladies! The new year is HERE! It's time to level up! This is my motto for 2020, Level Up My Health. Because my health is already pretty freaking amazing. I can do 20 pushups on my toes, with a moderate range of motion, I can do hard workouts using medium/light weights. I am consistent AF with daily exercise and my nutrition is much improved compared to 5 years ago. But...there's room to move to the next level. There's room for more progress. There's room to LVEL UP! 

So...if you are serious with your goals and are ready to work hard for them, we need to do this together. I'm looking for women who are driven, passionate, go getters and have big dreams and goals. If this sounds like you then you need to be in my exclusive 2020 virtual gym community and fit family. 

What you get: (purchase necessary and can not be already working with another Team Beachbody Coach. Only available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Soon to be available in France)
  • Access to over 1000 workouts and my favorite healthy cooking show with no monthly fees starting at $39/every 3 months --you get 2 weeks FREE before your card is even charged! (6 month and 12 month options available too)
  • Upgrade to include my favorite workout supplements to give you the energy to get started and to help reduce soreness
  • Upgrade to include my favorite daily superfood filled shake that's more than a protein shake! Read more HERE
  • Upgrade to include either of our 2 complete nutrition programs to learn how to eat the right foods, in the right amounts without counting calories, without cutting out food groups, without starving and without skipping any meals. 
  • Me as your coach, mentor and friend to hook you up with the more tools for success included in my group.
  • Access to my exclusive group on Facebook (and tracker app) with daily accountability and tracking and community support


WAIT!!! We have bundle kits to help you save even more money if you want to do any of the upgrades!--Just send me a message or email and let's find the perfect option to help you get started right, Or GO ALL IN with my favorite FITNESS BUNDLE KIT that includes it the Online Fitness Library, pre and post workout supplements and the daily superfood filled shake!  

Or GO ALL IN with my favorite NUTRITION BUNDLE KIT that includes access to the Online Fitness Library and the daily superfood shake.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

How To Get Out Of The End Of The Year Workout Funk

"I'm so busy with getting everything ready for the holidays". "It would just be easier to wait until January 1". "I don't have time." "I just don't feel like it." These are some of the many things running through my head right now when It's time for me to workout. YES ME! The fitness motivator and personal trainer. Even I have moments in my life where I don't want to workout. But...I don't let these reason/excuses, while valid, stop me. I do my workout any ways. Actually, I force myself to do it because it needs to be done and when it's done, it's done!

This time of year is HARD. No only are we dealing with shorter days, the winter blues, and the stress of the holiday season, it's so easy to just take a rest until the new year when you know you are going to be super excited to start anyways because "lose weight" is probably a goal for the new year.

Girl, get up off of that funk and follow these easy steps to get up and get your workout done, no matter what!

Sunday night pre-schedule in your workout time and actual workouts you are going to do for the entire week. Put it in your calendar, set an alarm.

Pick out and set out your workout clothes the night before (or even the week before) Sounds silly but since you probably won't wear the same thing every day you can make a pile in your closet or room, with your workout outfits for the day. Just like with packing you have something ready to grab easily.

I drink a pre workout drink to get my mind and body in the mood to workout. It gives me the energy needed to get started. Then I give myself a 15 minute power moment for the drink to kick in so I start strong from the first minute of my workout. I do the dishes, laundry, clean a bathroom, something that I'm going to have to do anyways later but I set an alarm and give myself 15 min to do it. Then it's go time!

STICK WITH YOUR PLAN AND JUST DO IT. I know, easier said than done but really, all you gotta do is get dressed, and do it. This is a big reason why I workout at home all I have to do is just flip on the TV, get in my online fitness app, and get my workout done. And if these don't help, girl, get yourself in a community to help lift you up and inspire you to get MOVING!

Remember you made the commitment to change you life with health and fitness. Think back to how you used to feel and how you felt when you decided this time was going to be the time that you reached your goal because it can still happen. It's not too late. You just have to do it. Before you know it, all these steps become a habit, your daily discipline, and your "funk" days will be few and far between. They will still happen, but that's what the discipline part is. You'll do the workout anyways because it's just part of your day.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

3 Tips To Staying On Track With Your Health And Fitness Goals Over The Holidays

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It's December and the last month of the decade! I'm sure you want to end this decade with a bang so I'm going to share my top 3 tips to stay committed and rock the end of the year!

1) PICK A PROGRAM (or 2 depending on how long the program is)AND STICK WITH IT FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! Commit to follow the calendar no matter what. Take rest days when it says. Do the workouts in order. Don't skip or jump around. Do the program as is. Even if it's longer than 30 days. Just start today and stick with it! If it's a program that ends before the end of the month like 21 Day Fix does, plan to start another program or do round 2 of the program! JUST STICK WITH THE PROGRAM!

2) MEAL PLAN WEEKLY! This is vital to help you stay on track with your nutrition and your budget. Our household has been able to save at least $50 a month since August by meal planning and sticking with that plan! My community has been meal planning on Thursdays for the following week so that we a plan, time to go to the store over the weekend and are ready to go by Monday!

3) GET SUPPORT! Be an active part of a support community! Having Support is KEY to success. Because you have people to lean on, people to help motivate you, people to cheer you on, and people to learn from. That's why I created my virtual gym! It was something I needed to stay motivated and committed. And I use it DAILY!  It's a private group for those who are ready to truly commit to their journey using our online streaming platform with access to over 1,000 workouts ready for you to crush! Ready to join us?  YOU CAN GET STARTED HERE with your YEAR MEMBERSHIP with unlimited streaming access and get my favorite pre workout drink and post workout recovery drink 50% off!  Oh and the lemon flavor for the pre workout and chocolate plant based is my favorite flavors! Start with those!

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Friday, November 8, 2019

3 Tips To Up Level Your Nutrition | Better Nutrition For Your Family, Reduce Processed Food and Save Money

It's no secret that I struggle with nutrition. Like many, many others out there, I honestly want to be able to lose weight and eat my cake...but it's not working that way for me! And if you are reading this, it might not be for you either.

Nutrition is HARD! Because there are so many amazing food creations out there but let's face it, the biggest and hardest thing is avoiding processed foods, sugars and candy. We buy boxed cereal because it's easy and no one wants to have the fighting start with their kids before 8am. Using a box mac n cheese, or fast food or a pre made meal is easier on those nights that we get home late, have a rough day with the kids, or just don't feel like cooking. The obesity rate is still on the rise across America.

In the last 2 months our family has significantly cut out processed foods in our diet and the benefits, we have more homemade meals, we have actually saved more money/spent less at the store. And we are seeing the impact processed foods and sugars have on our kids. Let me tell you,  my kids were completely different kids following Halloween (more like little devils!) then they were over the entire month of October when they were eating less sugars and processed foods.

My oldest has struggled for years with his focus. But since we started cleaning up what we have been eating, he has been able to focus more at school and is thriving in his class. Collin, well he's 5 and just has a ton of energy, but he got so sick following Halloween he was out of school an extra 2 days as his body was detoxing from the sugar overload. GET THIS BOOK to learn more about the effects of nutrition and childhood behaviors and health.

More people than ever are counting points, doing keto, cutting fat/eating a reduced fat diet, calorie depletion and are drinking more green smoothies. But...the obesity rate is still rising. The key thing more people need to do is just STOP buying the processed foods and making more homemade foods.


MEAL PLAN AHEAD OF TIME- In my exclusive group we have been meal planning by THURSDAY for the next week so that we have a plan in place, and a few days time to go to the store and make sure we have everything we need to start the week strong.

UTILIZE LEFTOVERS- A big thing that's made a huge change is that we always plan to have leftovers for at least 1 dinner after. So in my meal planning I plan to make 3 dinners a week, with enough to eat leftovers for 1 day. So on Monday I cook homemade Taco Soup, Tuesday we have leftover Taco soup. See below. Red days are the days I'm cooking. Grey are the days I use leftovers. Also, if we have more than 2 nights of dinner for our family, then we will use extra leftovers as our lunch too. Soups are great for that. But yes, it is a lot of the same foods. But my life is way easier!

STICK TO THE PLAN NO MATTER WHAT! There are going to be days where you aren't going to want to cook. But do it anyways. Think of your budget. Think of your goals. Create discipline. Also become a food snob. Don't settle for the drive thru. If you do "have" eat out, or especially on a date night, choose restaurants with high end ingredients. (local sourced, organic, minimal processing, and always order the side salad or veggies). Yes it will cost more, therefore it is way more cost effective to eat at home.

If you follow these consistently you will see differences in your progress, family health and even budget!

Ready to take it to the next level, EDUCATE yourself. The same program I'm following teaches these principals and more including kids nutrition! ENROLL HERE to get lifetime access and try your first month of my favorite daily superfood shake 70% off! Whey Chocolate is my fave!

Want more daily motivation and inspiration? Click here get free advice, support and encouragement + a free copy of my Clean Eating guide to help you get started on your health and fitness journey! Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK
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